Back to School with Bureau Vallee

The start of the scholastic year is fast approaching and it’s important that our kids are geared up for another year of learning and adventure. Therefore, every parent on the island will be looking for the latest and greatest in Back to School merchandise over the next few weeks, and Bureau Vallee has everything you might need in one place. What’s more is that you can easily purchase everything you want from the comfort of your own home via their easy-to-use online shop. 

We’ve listed a few items of note to get you sorted for all your Back To School needs from Bureau Vallee. Even more importantly, we’ve focused on some items that are not easy to find locally, but are available from Bureau Vallee right now.

Bureau Vallee Back To School 2023 Promo

Little Scientists

Bureau Vallee Lab Coat Small - MVM Back to School

Price: €15.90

Scientific experimentation is vital in allowing young minds to blossom and explore the world around them. Schools, teachers and parents alike know this and ensure that kids have the freedom to experiment under supervision. In order to experiment safely and securely, your kids need the right equipment and Bureau Vallee have just the right stuff to get you sorted on that front. From lab coats in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, to safety glasses and plastic tweezers, you can find everything your child needs to pave the way towards becoming an award-winning scientist.

BV Plastic Tweezers - Back to School 2023
BV Safety Glasses - Back to School 2023

Drawing Technically

Bureau Vallee Drawing Board A3 - MVM Back to School

Price: €69.90

Although my personal favourite, science isn’t the only subject that we might want our children to concentrate on at school. The worlds of architecture, engineering and even fashion are important in everyday life too and have one thing in common – drawing. Any type of technical drawing requires your kids to have a good quality drawing board and al the accessories that come with it, such as a bag to carry it around safely in, and add-ons such as an adjustable drawing device for those precise angles and lines. 

BV Drawing Board Case - Back To School 2023
BV Drawing Accessory - Back to School 2023

Learning Through Play

Bureau Vallee Interlocking Cubes - MVM Back to School

Price: €14.90

The learning experience doesn’t need to stop when the children leave school and come home. Learning through play is one of the most effective ways for kids to learn, especially at the early years level. Since playing comes naturally to most children, using toys that have an educational angle helps to enhance the learning experience and ensures that kids are learning without even being aware that they are doing so. Toys like these Interlocking Cubes, allow children to experiment with different structures and building setups. These cubes aren’t just reserved for children though, as I’m sure that the kids inside all of us parents would probably enjoy these also 😊  


Bureau Vallee Brother Labelling Machine - MVM Back to School

Price: €24.90

Back to School doesn’t just mean equipping the kids with everything they need to start the school year successfully. Us parents need a way to make sure that whatever we send them to school with, comes back home with them at the end of the day. One way of trying to ensure that this happens is to label everything and anything that your child takes to school with them. This label maker from Brother, ensures that you can print custom labels for books, lunch boxes, pencil cases and more. Bureau Vallee also has you sorted for refills when you inevitably run out of label paper. 

Lunching in Style

Bureau Vallee Milan Lunch Bag - MVM Back to School

Price: €26.90

Last but definitely not least, we need to make sure that our little ones are well nourished while at school so that they all have the energy they need to play, learn and socialise with their school friends. A full belly breeds a full mind, and this is especially true for our growing children. As parents, we also want to ensure that they are able to carry their lunch to school with them in a stylish yet functional lunch bag. Once again, Bureau Vallee has got you covered with this Milan Lunch Bag, which comes in several different colours and has a functional design at an affordable price. 

So there you have it! Bureau Vallee can get you sorted for all your Back To School needs from A to Z.

But that’s not all! They can also provide you with everything for stocking up on stationery to getting your home office setup just right, making them an all-round one-stop-shop for domestic and business needs. 

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