Here at MVM, we’re part of a company with a passion for improving the lives we touch. We strive to identify what people need and provide it by creating original solutions.

We have populated this website with all the Malta based online shops we could find! We’re also adding more continuously as we become aware of them. 

With the sudden growth in eCommerce, we wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy browsing all of Malta’s online shopping sites without having to Google endlessly.

An eCommerce website or online shop, is a platform where shoppers can purchase items over the internet. Before doing so, shoppers also need to know the price of these items, so you will find that all of the shops on our website have prices for all the items they’re selling online. 

Since all of these shops are based in Malta, this means that they are all delivering from local stores. 

Finally, payments on these websites can be made online using credit card or a PayPal account – except for just a few websites which were too good to exclude just because they didn’t have a payment portal on their website. In these cases, payment is made upon delivery.

We also wanted to create a platform with significant traffic where young entrepreneurs and artists could kick start their eCommerce businesses or online shops.

Our promise to our visitors is that we will continue to innovate this website until we get it just right!

Use the search function to identify which eCommerce websites are selling what you need!

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We hope you enjoy your experience here, like we enjoyed preparing it for you.