Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 11 – Rolling Buddy


Day 11 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Rolling Buddy Malta

Categories: Smoking

Sometimes the more unconventional gifts are the ones we remember the most, especially if they contain items that the recipient is sure to enjoy. Rolling Buddy have a large selection of smoking related products and gift packs, making their items perfect for someone who is passionate about smoking. 

What’s more, in December 2021, Malta made history as the first European country to legalise cannabis for recreational purposes, meaning that users can now grow and smoke freely as long as it is for personal use and within legal limitations. That means that more people are now curious about the practice and looking for merchandise that can help them explore options.

Pipe Gift Set

Rolling Buddy - Pipe gift set - Christmas 2022

Price: €15

Some people are crazy about pipes. It might be because they’re fans of the environmentally-friendly benefits over paper, or they like the feel of a pipe in their hand, or maybe they just hate rolling. Whatever the reason, this pipe set is perfect for that pipe-lover in your life, or maybe someone curious about try a new way of smoking. 

This set contains three pipes made of glass, wood and metal, and comes in an elegant wooden box. 

Ultimate Stoner Box

Rolling Buddy - Ultimate stoner box - Christmas 2022

Price: €30

Gift boxes are awesome, especially at Christmas time. The great people at Rolling Buddy have bundled all the items that your stoner friend might need into a handy gift box. What makes this gift box even better is that if you were to buy the items individually, it would end up costing you more. 

Each Gift box is different, however this is what to expect:  

  • 1x Glass Bong of a height below 20cm 
  • 4 parts grinder with a diameter of 5cm 
  • 1x Glass Pipe 
  • 2x J-Holders 
  • 1x Bull Brand Pre-Rolled Rouches / Filter Tips 
  • 1x Pair of Ziggi Socks 
  • 1x Cricket Lighter 

Mini Stoner Gift Box

Rolling Buddy - Mini stoner gift set - Christmas 2022

Price: €12

Interested in a gift box, but not looking to spend as much? I that is the case, then this mini gift box is the perfect option. 

Like the Ultimate Stoner Box featured previously, each box may be different, but you can expect the following items: 

  • Metal Rolling tray 
  • Juicy Jays double wrap blunt 
  • Plastic Grinder 
  • Wooden Pipe 
  • a pack of Ziggi Rolling Papers 
  • a Cricket lighter 

SWAG 2 Bundle

Rolling Buddy - Swag 2 bundle - Christmas 2022

Price: €89.99

If you know someone who is struggling to kick the smoking habit or has done so and is now on disposable vapes, which are both expensive in the long-run and not very good for the environment, then this bundle is the ideal gift. 

What’s in the box: 

GTX GO40 Bundle

Rolling Buddy - GTX GO40 bundle - Christmas 2022

Price: €35

Once again, Rolling Buddies have a number of options to fulfil the same requirement but on a different budget. If the SWAG 2 Bundle is over your Christmas gift budget, then this option is sure to be a great secondary option. This option is also more compact for that ex-smoker who is constantly on the go, so definitely a win-win. 

This bundle contains the following items: