Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 10 – Dical House


Day 10 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

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Categories: Food, Beverages

Anyone who has been to Dical House or has visited their website will know that Dical House stocks some of the finest quality food and beverages around. There’s nothing average on their shelves, only the best will do. 

When shopping around at Dical, I get that same feeling like a child who goes to a playground and doesn’t know which swing to try first. They just want them all and so do I. Everything looks so amazing that I just want to try everything. 

Since the quality of products is so impressive and not easily found elsewhere on the island, this is exactly why many of their products make such great gifts this Christmas. Check out some ideas that would make great Christmas gifts this Christmas.

Christmas Hamper no33

Dical House - Christmas Hamper 33 - Christmas 2022

Price: €68

Kicking off some delicious gift ideas from Dical House is this 8-piece hamper with a mixture of sweet and savoury treats as well as some fine olive oil and a nice bottle of red with to finish off the hamper. 

A great gift to show someone you appreciate them for all they have done for you this year.  

Here’s what you will get with this hamper: 

  • Cappello Refosco 75cl 
  • Tartuflanghe Sugo Salsiccia & Barolo 185g 
  • Tartuflanghe Truffle Bite 30g 
  • Monardo Gianduiotti 80g 
  • C&B Iced Christmas Loaf Cake-in-tin 660g 
  • Gusti d’Italia Specialita 3 Sapori 500g 
  • Buon Gustaio Salsa Tartara 180g 
  • Congedi E.V. Olive Oil 250ml 


Dical House - Glenallachie - Christmas 2022

Price: €90

If you’re looking to buy someone a great bottle of whiskey, then look no further. With only 6,500 cases bottled worldwide, this 6th batch of GlenAllachie Cask Strength 10-year-old single malt follows in the footsteps of acclaimed previous batches, most notably the fourth instalment which scooped the ultimate accolade of World’s Best Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards 2021. 

An impressive bottle which is sure to put a smile on the face of any whiskey lover.

Christmas Hampers no 13

Dical House - Christmas Hamper 13 - Christmas 2022

Price: €35

When buying a hamper as a gift, you’re going to want to find something that fits into your budget and Dical are offering this 8-piece hamper at a very affordable price. 

Another lovely mix of sweet and savoury as well as a bottle of Moscato Rosato. Everything one could need to have a romantic dinner at home. 

Here’s what you will get with this hamper: 

  • Canetelli Moscato Rosato 75cl 
  • Palirria Pulp of Roasted Eggplant 680g 
  • Zaccagni Fettuccine 500g 
  • Loison Panettoncino 100g 
  • Don Enrico Jalapeno Cheddar Dip 250g 
  • Leverno Grissini 125g 
  • Leverno Amarettini 250g 
  • Monardo Praline Chocolates 100g 

Christmas Gifts no14

Dical House - Christmas Gifts 14 - Christmas 2022

Price: €37

A pair of wines always makes a lovely gift. Either for a friend or as a thank you gift when being invited over to someone’s house for dinner and/or drinks this Christmas. 

Dical have prepared this pairing of quality red wines: 

  •  Cardinal De Viaud Pomerol 2020 – 75cl 

A fine red wine made from a carefully selected combination of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties. Best paired with red meats, white meats or cheese. 

  • Le Lau Merlot 2019 – 75cl 

This bottle comes from an award-winning vineyard and this selection was bottled using 100% Merlot grape variety which has been organically farmed.

Christmas Hamper no 25

Dical House - Christmas Hamper 25 - Christmas 2022

Price: €53

Christmas hampers always make great gifts, but it’s all about picking the right one. Dical have loads of hampers to choose from so there’s surely something for everyone. As my final choice I have chosen this hamper which falls right between the other two; price-wise – but also offers a great variety. 

This hamper has a nice bottle of red wine, a bottle of Moscato dolce as well as some other fine quality snacks and cooking ingredients. 

Here’s what you will get with this hamper: 

  • Casal Farneto Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 75cl 
  • Bio Rinatura Spelt Ribbon Noodles 250g 
  • Leverno Cantucci 250g 
  • Leverno Grissini 125g 
  • Leone Pastiglie tin 15g 
  • Canetelli Moscato Dolce 75cl 
  • Loison Panettone 500g 
  • Buon Gustaio Ragu di Coniglio 180g