Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 9 – Whimsy Castle


Day 9 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

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Categories: Baby, Furniture, Toys

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, buying presents for children, be it ours, our friend’s children or children that form part of our immediate family, is a super special thing. Seeing their eyes light up when receiving a gift from a loved one is a feeling that is second to none. 

Whimsy Castle is a local online shop with items that can satisfy the gifting requirements of any little human. From babies to toddlers, and all the way to big kids, if it’s something fun you’re looking for then they are sure to have it. 

We’ve listed our top 5 picks from the Whimsy Castle online shop below.

Kitchen Mini Foldable With Accessories

Whimsy Castle - Kitchen Mini - Christmas 2022

Price: €69.50

Role-play is extremely important for the development of our children, and in order to be effective it needs to be diverse in nature. This kitchen set with accessories enables children to safely experiment with cooking without getting hurt or making too much of a mess. 

Teepee Tent with Flounces Shabby Chic

Whimsy Castle - Teepee Tent - Christmas 2022

Price: €179

I love camping and always have. I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who have taken me camping from a very young age, but this isn’t always possible for everyone. That is why this Teepee Tent is ideal for showing kids what it’s like to camp without actually leaving the house. 

What’s more, this tent is an opportunity to build something with your children, or even create a nice little reading nook for them in their bedroom if camping isn’t their thing. 

‘Da’ – The Jumping Rabbit

Whimsy Castle - The Jumping Rabbit - Christmas 2022

Price: €225

If I had furniture that’s soft and looks like animals when I was a child, I probably would have spent a lot more time in my room. This “Jumping Rabbit” style chair is both exciting and functional, meaning it is sure to be a hit with children and parents alike. 

It will make a great addition to any child’s bedroom, though based on the quality of the item, it will probably also look amazing in the living room.

Sebra Wooden Puzzle Seven Seas

Whimsy Castle - Wooden Puzzle - Christmas 2022

Price: €29.95

I love wooden toys and my wife does too. In fact, probably 70% of our daughter’s toys are made of wood. The mix of sustainable, non-plastic materials and the durability of wood makes it super appealing. 

This Scandinavian-style wooden puzzle is great for both recognition of shapes as well as developing those all-important fine-motor skills. 

Sensory Play Mat Sea Friends Colour Mix

Whimsy Castle - Play Mat Sea Friends - Christmas 2022

Price: €109.95

I’ve mentioned the importance of role-play for children, but sensory play is also vital, especially for babies. This sea-inspired sensory play mat is great for letting babies explore the different shapes and materials that life has to offer in a soft and safe environment. 

Its portability also means that you can lay it on any safe and even surface and watch the baby explore the sensory wonders that it has to offer. 

If you’re not into the seascape theme, then there is also a Deer Friends Sand themed option.