Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 8 – MVM Charity Edition


Day 8 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Malta Charities Featured Image - Christmas 2022

Everybody knows that Christmas is a time for giving, and we at MVM try to do what we can and use what we have to give back to the community. This is why we thought it would be a great idea to include a post dedicated to some local charities that could always do with some help through donations and other contributions. 

Keeping with the theme of online shopping, we’ve selected a few good causes who accept contributions via their online portals.


Inspire - Christmas 2022

Inspire has been helping people for as long as I can reminder by instilling in society the notion that everyone has a right to equality and inclusion. They use this mantra to help various people with disabilities live their lives to the full as much as possible. 

Inspire accepts single donations via their website, SMS or bank transfer, and also has a “Friends of Inspire” monthly donation scheme. 


Zibel - Christmas 2022

We are passionate about the environment and we know a lot of people these days are too. There is a lot of focus on saving the planet for future generations to enjoy.  

The awesome people at Żibel are aiming to do just that. They have a number of active initiatives that are constantly running to clean up our seas and shorelines, while also educating the public on why we need to take care of our natural surroundings. 

Sponsor My Future

Sponsor My Future - Christmas 2022

This local non-profit organisation run by Laura Paris, helps a community of children and adolescents living in Kenya. They say charity begins at home but in our increasingly connected world, it’s also important to give to those less fortunate away from our shores and this organisation allows us to do just that. 

You can read more on how the organisation is helping on their site as well as give a donation online. 

Association For Abandoned Animals Malta

AAA Malta - Christmas 2022

We couldn’t have a list of local charities without mentioning one dedicate to our fury friends. The Association for Abandoned Animals is dedicated to the saving as many abandoned or abused dogs as they can.  

Their team of volunteers work tirelessly to care for those dogs that need it the most and they do so with the backing of monetary donations and any time that individuals or organisations can give to assist with the care of their residents and facilities. 

FIDEM Charity Foundation

FIDEM - Christmas 2022

Social inclusion and education are two fundamental pillars of modern society, but unfortunately not everyone is provided the same levels of access to these as everybody else. 

In their own words – “The FIDEM Charity Foundation is a Maltese non-profit organisation providing support and empowerment opportunities to vulnerable people through access to education and wellbeing guidance. We also provide enriching access to arts and culture to further promote wellbeing and fulfilment.” 

So, if you’re interested in supporting a noble cause such as this, why not donate a sum in your own name or as a gift to someone who would truly appreciate this?