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Day 7 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

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I can honestly say, from personal experience, that Christmas is a totally different affair when there is a new addition to the family. Where Christmas was just any other holiday before, when a baby comes along it’s an extra joyous occasion for the entire family. 

Covid was a horrible time for everyone, but for those who gave birth exactly before or during lockdown, it was particularly difficult. Trust me, I know! 

It is for this reason that we wanted to shine a light on the great gift options there are for babies and their parents this Christmas season. Apart from the fact that we all love to give babies presents!

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Silicone Dinner Set Sea Friends Blue

Whimsy Castle

Whimsy Castle - Silicone Dinner Set - Christmas 2022

Price: €39.95

When the time comes for a parent to start moving away from a milk-only diet and experimenting with food, it helps to be prepared. Silicon is the perfect material for babies and toddlers – it’s virtually indestructible, easy to clean and light and portable. 

This dinner set is the ideal gift for anyone who know who is preparing to take that next step in their baby’s food journey. 

Terracotta Rainbow Height Chart in Wood


Hip+Mama - Height Chart - Christmas 2022

Price: €39.90

Every parent loves to track the growth of their child. Apart from it being essential to ensuring a healthy and happy baby, it’s also fun to visually compare the changes in your child’s body from one week to the next. 

A height chart is a great way to keep track of a child’s growth and this particular one is also beautiful to look at, making it a great addition to any baby’s nursery. 

Kinderkraft – Bouncer Smartfun


Mothercare - Bouncer - Christmas 2022

Price: €63

Keeping your baby calm and happy can sometimes be harder than it should be. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your child id comfortable and serene. Holding them in your arms is probably the best, but apart from the physical strain of doing this, a busy parent can’t hold their child all day. 

A baby bouncer is one of those items that has stood the test of time as something that every parent needs. I used one as a baby and my daughter did too. What’s more is that this particular one won’t break the bank. 

Baby Livia Squeezy Reusable Food Pouch (6 pack)


Ikkuluriti - Pouches - Christmas 2022

Price: €11.60

We all want to leave a better world for our kids, and one way to do that is to cut out single-use plastic as much as possible. Anyone who has a baby who has just recently started eating mushy food knows that it is not always easy transporting that food around with you. 

These re-usable pouches make this process much simpler while also safeguarding the environment. So you can give your child some homemade deliciousness while being friendly to the planet we will leave behind for them. 

A perfect stocking filler for their first Christmas stocking!

Wild & Stone Eco Baby Gift Kit


Bebbuxu - Eco Baby Gift Set - Christmas 2022

Price: €32.08

Gift sets are great for collating a number of must-have items int a convenient single pack. This particular gift set is also eco-friendly in nature, fulfilling the needs of the parent while protecting the environment while you’re at it. 

This eco baby starter pack contains the following items: 

  • 1 x Baby Bamboo Toothbrush Set (4 Pack) 
  • 1 x Baby Weaning Suction Bowl and Spoon Set 
  • 1 x Pack of Cotton Buds (200 pack)