Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 6 – Supporting Local Talent


Day 6 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Local Artists Logos

At MVM, our mantra is not only based on supporting local online shopping, but supporting local in general. It is for this reason that we felt day 6 of our Christmas 2022 Gift Guide should feature some homegrown talent. 

There are a host of local artists that have set up shop online in order to reach more people here and abroad, and get their creations in as many homes, businesses and public places as possible. 

Our Art and Novelty categories feature a number of talented individuals that create and sell a host of beautiful items that I feel will make great gifts.

Below I’ve listed just a few of my favourites. 

Freddie Mercury

The Wallflower Company

The Wallflower Company - Freddie Mercury - Christmas 2022

Price: starting from €10

Queen is one of the most iconic bands in the music scene and their original frontman, Freddie Mercury, is an icon in his own right. The songs of this band are known all over the world and the relatively recent release of their biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, introduced the band to younger generations too. 

This print captures the essence of this showman doing what he did best – belting out melody after melody for tens of thousands of fans during their live shows. 

The Wallflower Company produces a number of prints of iconic characters in popular culture like Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley and Beyonce in different sizes. They also specialise in custom prints of your recent travels, local landmarks or even pets. 

Sketches from an Island

Ed Dingli

Ed Dingli - Sketches of an Island - Christmas 2022

Price: starting from €50

I love it when local artists manage to capture the beauty that we can find on our little island and create their own interpretation for all to admire. Ed Dingli has done just that in this print of one of his sketches showing the view of the sea and Filfla in the distance. 

He has a number of prints available for sale on his site depicting local and foreign landscapes and scenes, as well as abstract concepts that can really get you thinking about the way we live and how we treat each other and our planet. 

A recommendation for anyone who is excited by original pieces of art and loves to decorate their home with the thoughts of a talented individual like Ed. 

The Jungle Series – The Peacock

Frankly Bold

Frankly Bold - The Peacock - Christmas 2022

Price: €23

Looking for some homegrown jewellery that is “handmade with loads of love” as stated on her website? Fran from Frankly Bold has got you covered. 

These Jungle Series earrings are beautiful to look at and make a really great statement piece as an addition to anyone jewellery box. I love this pair because they’ve got some amazing earthy colours and details, and they remind me of guitar picks (I love music, in case you hadn’t noticed). 

Fran has got a large selection of designs and colours, so take a look at the site and pick something you think that special person in your life would love, while supporting this talented local artist.

Malta’s Ride


Torri - Malta's Ride - Christmas 2022

Price: €18

As a kid in Malta, I remember catching these beautifully coloured buses to wherever I needed to go. Back then we may not have realised how iconic the images of these rusty, rickety buses would become, but these days prints like this bring back a huge wave of nostalgia. 

This print captures what makes these buses iconic beautifully, which is why I picked it out of the host of original prints available on Torri’s website

Andrea and Scott have created some truly stunning prints of all the things they love about the Maltese Islands, so you’re sure to find something that will spark that same feeling of nostalgia I had in someone else when presenting them with a print as a gift.


BYEBRUCINAR on il-lokal

Il-Lokal - Home - Christmas 2022

Price: €30

The “lost” art of embroidery may conjure up images of your grandmother sitting on her armchair needling flowery boarders with your name in the middle, but the truth is it is a beautiful form of art. 

Ebru from BYEBRUCINAR creates some truly original embroidered pieces and they’re all for sale on il-lokal, a local online marketplace for local artists to advertise and sell their wares. I picked her “HOME” piece as it is simple yet sweet. 

I have actually purchased a different piece from her in the past at one of the markets organised by il-lokal as a gift for some friends and they loved it. That’s why I would recommend taking a look at what she and other local artists have to offer and consider buying a piece of locally and lovingly created art as unique gifts this Christmas.