Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 12 – Caffè Buongiorno


Day 12 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Buongiorno Coffee Malta

Categories: Beverages

The team at Caffè Buongiorno are passionate about coffee and take great pride in bringing the finest quality coffee products to Café’s all over Malta – but they also have this great online shop which allows like-minded coffee lovers the opportunity to have their coffee products delivered right to their homes. 

This Christmas, they have prepared a number of delicious hampers with a mix of coffee products and other tasty treats.  

On their online shop, you will also find some original wine bottles and they have stocked up on all the classic Christmas treats you could think of. 

Check out these 5 gift ideas from Caffè Buongiorno.

NIO Cocktails in Gift Box (x5 or x10)

Buongiorno Coffee - Nio Cocktails - Christmas 2022

Price: €35 / €65

Now that’s convenient! These gift boxes are filled with these original NIO cocktails and you can choose to get a box with 5 or 10 cocktail portions. Yes, you read right, inside each box/sachet there is a ready to drink, perfectly mixed cocktail – all you need is ice (if you want…) 

Right now, there are 10 cocktails to choose from and for each box, you can mix and match by selecting your favourite cocktails from the list provided.  

Choose from Gimlet, Espresso Martini, Tommy’s Margarita, Gin Proved, Manhattan, Negroni, Milan – Torino, Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Daiquiri. We’ve also been told that 6 Christmas flavours will soon be available! 

A different kind of gift this Christmas.

SUPER OFFER – Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Automatic Machine + 25 boxes of coffees

Buongiorno Coffee - Dolce Gusto Machine - Christmas 2022

Price: €180

Caffè Buongiorno have a number of great coffee machines and coffee makers to choose from so I really do suggest checking them out to see which suits your needs best.  

As a gift, I have selected this offer for the really easy to use Dolce Gusto Genio 2 made by DeLonghi which includes 20 boxes of Buongiorno coffee pods. 

There are 16 flavours to choose from and you can mix and match to pick the ones you think would make the best gift. There are also 16 pods in each box, so the entire offer would give you 320 servings! 

Great gift for a coffee lover.

Small Hamper No. 8

Buongiorno Coffee - Small Hamper 8 - Christmas 2022

Price: €25

Hampers are important gift ideas around Christmas because they are versatile since everyone loves getting some nice treats. This small hamper makes a great thoughtful gift for someone who has had an impact in your life throughout the year, a small thank you to show your appreciation. 

With this hamper you will get: 

  • Vanini Blue Rose Pralines Bag 
  • Napoli Ground Coffee 
  • Quality Street Pack 
  • Moka Pot Pezzetti, 3 cups 

Christmas Hamper No. 1

Buongiorno Coffee - Christmas Hamper 1 - Christmas 2022

Price: €55

This large hamper is another option depending on who you are buying the gift for. If you have a larger budget or maybe you are part of a group of friends or colleagues pooling in together, you could get this 10-piece hamper which is full with great treats. 

With this one, aside from coffee and sweet treats; you’ll also get a bottle of sparkling wine and a really interesting bottle of coffee liquor. 

With this hamper you will get: 

  • Pandoro Torta In Festa 
  • Baci Box Bijou 
  • Colombo Coffee Liquor 
  • Napoli Ground Coffee 
  • Venezia Ground Coffee 
  • Oreo Classic Tub 
  • Sapori Cantucci Almond 
  • Charles Du Lac Spumante 
  • Baileys Chocolate Truffles Tub Salted Caramel 
  • Celebrations Christmas Tree Box 

VOGA Award Winning Two Wine in Gift Box

Buongiorno Coffee - VOGA wine box - Christmas 2022

Price: €29.98

As my final pick I have gone for this gift box of two wines. You get to decide which 2 wines go into the gift box and you can select from 6 options from the VOGA range. 

The options available are Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Rose, Moscato, Pink Prosecco and White Prosecco.  

I would personally go for one of the Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Rose or Moscato. For these options, VOGA have gone with these non-traditional bottles which make the product look really cool and this really makes the gift feel special and will definitely stand out and pique the interest of whoever you’re buying for.