Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 3 – MVM Shopping Experience


Day 3 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

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There are over 700 local online shops listed on MVM and so for day 3 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide, rather than giving you 5 gift ideas from one shop, I will be picking 5 gift ideas from any shop listed on MVM. 

Trying to find just 5 gift ideas from over 700 shops was no simple task, so I needed to get organised.  

In the end, I used 3 different ways to find my 5 gift ideas. 

  1. Before starting this blog post, I already had at least one idea that I thought would be a great gift. In order to find out who was selling it, I used MVM’s search function to find it. 
  1. In order to see if I could find something where I would get more bang for my buck, I checked to see if there were any discounts, I could make use of in MVM’s Promo Code page 
  1. I then tried looking at the Categories page to see which categories caught my attention the most. I clicked on those categories which already narrowed my search. I then picked a few shops from each category. 

These are my 5 picks. 


AtoZ Electronics

AtoZ Electronics - TP-Link Smart Socket - Christmas 2022

Price: €61.95

Let’s be smart about this; there’s a right situation that we’re looking for here. I certainly won’t be buying this for my partner for Christmas because I know her and she would definitely not be interested in receiving this as a gift. However, this is such a fun gift to receive and I know loads of tech geeks who would love to wake up on Christmas day and find these smart WI-FI sockets under the tree this Christmas – and I’m one of them actually! 

These smart WI-FI sockets allow you to plug anything into them and then remote control the power supply from anywhere. The applications are endless. 

You could even pre-set on-off timers and connect them to Google assistant or Alexa to control on-off power using voice control. A really fun gadget to own and even better when it’d received as a gift this Christmas. 

AtoZ Electronics are also offering a smaller set of a 2-pack

Check out MVM’s Promo Code page for a €10 discount when spending over €40 (T&C’s apply). 

Office Chair Upholstered Black

The Atrium

The Atrium - Office Chair - Christmas 2022

Price: €185

With Covid-19 seemingly put behind us where I sure do hope it stays, many of us are still living with some of the outcomes of the whole thing – one of which is remote working. Even without remote working though, we spend so much time at our computers and laptops that it just makes sense to spend some money on a good quality office chair to make sure you’re comfortable and using the right ergonomics while doing so. 

We sometimes might hold back from spending the money for a comfortable chair – which is exactly why it’s a great and thoughtful gift.  

I found this chair at The Atrium by searching for Office Chair in MVM’s search bar. 

Tommy Hilfiger Monogram Plaque Backpack

Hudson Store

Hudson Store - TH Backpack - Christmas 2022

Price: €129.90

I knew that a bag would make a good gift idea, so I browsed to MVM’s Bags category and clicked through some of the many shops there till I found something that stood out to me. 

It’s well known that women love bags and that they can never have enough of them. That’s what makes this Tommy Hilfiger bag such a great gift, you just cannot get it wrong! What’s more it’s super practical and can be used for many different outings. 

Whether she’s going to the office, or going out shopping and needs her hands to be free or even if she’s travelling. It’s always incredibly useful to have a backpack. It doesn’t hurt that this particular one just looks so stylish too. 

Winning choice.

Innox Evo GTX Lo Black

Surplus and Adventure

Surplus and Adventure - Innox Evo GTX - Christmas 2022

Price: €147.95

For my 4th gift idea, I didn’t have any ideas where to start from so I just opened up the Categories page on MVM to see if any of the categories inspired me to think of a good idea. I quickly saw the Adventure category and that triggered an idea. 

I thought to myself how much I enjoy my winter hikes on a crisp but sunny Sunday during Maltese winters and how important it is to wear the right shoes while doing so. 

What makes this a great gift is that it really does improve the experience. Aside from being better for the health of your limbs, muscles and tendons, it just enhances the experience by giving your feet the right protection from the rough terrain as well as having the right grip to make sure that you stay upright and get to finish the hike on two feet. 

I’m a true believer in the idea that what makes a great gift is buying something for someone which they want but might hold back on buying it for themselves.

Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Water Repellent Quilted Jacket


Bortex - Polo Jacket - Christmas 2022

Price: €299

As my last gift idea, I have picked this fantastic Ralph Lauren jacket from Bortex.  

This navy-blue water repellent quilted jacket looks great and makes the perfect gift for anyone, but my mind is especially drawn in this case to that family guy who works hard and does everything to support his family and might hold back from buying the finer things in life for himself to make sure his family has everything they need first. 

A fantastic jacket for anyone to have.