Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 4 – Bureau Vallee


Day 4 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Bureau Vallee Malta 2021

Categories: Stationery, Office Supplies, Electronics

Bureau Vallée is not your average stationery shop. In fact, they are a European leader in the industry and use their position to leverage the best prices in stationery, office supplies, computer equipment and retail equipment for their customers. 

They are dedicated to being a one stop shop for all your stationery and office supplies, but they also have some top electronics and other gadgets that would make fantastic Christmas gifts for anyone. 

Here are my top five picks as Christmas gift ideas from Bureau Vallée.

Photo Polaroid NOW – Black and White

Bureau Vallee - Polaroid Now - Christmas 2022

Price: €109

Such a fun gadget to own. This Polaroid camera will capture some of the most precious moments and instantly print a memento that will allow you to relive the moment forever. In an age of the smartphone where hundreds of photos are taken and lost to the archives, a Polaroid camera will have you all debating who will keep the picture of a special moment shared. 

My fridge is filled with these polaroid moments which I enjoy seeing every day and they make me smile every time – and yet I very rarely go through the photos taken with my mobile. That’s definitely a win for the Polaroid! 

Super easy to use, this point and shoot analogue instant camera uses autofocus to capture sharp, vivid colour and also has a timer to make sure everyone can get into the picture. 

Pair this camera with the compatible Color Film for i-Type so that the lucky person receiving this gift can immediately get started taking some amazing pictures.

Photo Polaroid GO – White

Bureau Vallee - Polaroid Go - Christmas 2022

Price: €99

If you’re looking for a Polaroid camera that is easier to carry around, this cute Polaroid Go is the tiniest member of the Polaroid family and will easily fit in a handbag or is just easier to carry around. 

Still able to produce great Polaroid quality images, this slightly more budget friendly camera would make a great gift this Christmas. 

Pair this camera with the compatible Polaroid Go film – Double so the recipient of this gift can kick off their new Polaroid experience immediately with a quick selfie with you.

Photo Album Polaroid – L

Bureau Vallee - Photo Album - Christmas 2022

Price: €22.90

This Polaroid Photo album is a great gift for a few different scenarios. 

If you’re buying someone one of the fantastic Polaroid Cameras and want to upgrade the gift by adding this photo album, they could start to build a collection of memories in a safe and organised way. 

If you know someone who already owns a Polaroid camera, this album makes a great standalone gift too. 

You could also be creative with this gift. If you have already had a Polaroid camera for a while and shared many photos together with someone special, you could gift them this album pre-filled with all the happy memories you’ve shared together. 💗

APPLE AirPods -3rd generation-

Bureau Vallee - Apple Airpods - Christmas 2022

Price: €205

If you already have wireless headphones or earphones, then you know as well as I do that, they are a game-changer. I could never go back to wired earphones myself. The convenience of being physically unattached from your device cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. This is why I think that wireless headphones/earphones would make a great gift.  

These 3rd Generation Apple AirPods are the latest top of the line earphones by Apple and are sure to have any Apple device user jumping with joy. 

These AirPods will give you 6 hours of listening time on one earphone charge and the charging case will give you up to 30 hours of listening time. Click on the buy now button to check out all the specs on the Bureau Vallée website.


Bureau Vallee - Advent Calendar - Christmas 2022

Price: €62.91

The final gift I chose is a different kind of advent calendar. This advent calendar is made up of 24 cases – 1 for every day of advent – and inside these cases you will find 39 different products such as pens, a pencil case, ink and other kinds of surprise gifts. 

The total cost of these gifts would normally be €130 when purchased individually, but as a set, this advent calendar is being sold for just €62.91.