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Day 2 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

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Some people love Christmas for the presents, some for the festive cheer, and others for the decorations. While I don’t dislike any of those parts of Christmas, I personally love Christmas for the events and the time spent with family and friends laughing, eating and drinking. The eating usually involves a touch of decadence and the drinking almost always involves alcohol, specifically great wine. 

If you’re like me, then I’ve got a treat in store for you below. Ftira Wine Imports stock a variety of delicious treats and delectable wines and spirits, so you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. 

I’ve selected a few options that would make great gifts for your loved ones, useful items to take with you to one of your festive gatherings, or even a cheeky gift for yourself.

Why not? You surely deserve it!

Bollenere Blanc de Noir + 2 Flute Glasses

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Price: €33

Nothing says celebration more than a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, or “spumante” as the Italian’s call it.

This gift box not only comes with a bottle of delicious Sicilian sparkling wine, but also 2 flute glasses so that you can enjoy it in style. 

A fantastic gift for someone moving into a new house and in need of some fancy glasses and a toast to their good fortune…. or just someone who loves Brut! 

La Selezione 1 in Latta Vintage

Ftira Wine Imports Featured Image - Christmas 2022 - 2

Price: €64

Do you know someone who loves wine and enjoys tasting different types and varieties?

If you do, then this gift is ideal for them. 

This stylish tin box contains 3 different bottles of Sicilian wine – Rina Russa 2019, Cerasuolo Di Vittoria DOCG 2018 and Grillo Spumante Brut SA. 

Take this to one of your festive gatherings so you can enjoy it with friends or give it as a gift to a wine-lover, and hope they open all three while you’re over for drinks. 

Assorted Hamper

Ftira Wine Imports Featured Image - Christmas 2022 - 3

Price: €34

I’ve selected an assortment of goodies that when put together would make a lovely hamper or gift basket for those who love a little bit of indulgence. 

Note that all must be purchased separately and do not include any basket or box. 


Ftira Wine Imports Featured Image - Christmas 2022 - 4

Price: €26.90

What is dessert and tea time at Christmas without Panettone? Boring, that’s what! 

This chocolate panettone not only looks and tastes amazing, but it also comes with a jar of chocolate cream to increase the deliciousness to new heights. 

Cut it up and share it with family over some tea and coffee, or bring it out after some platters at home with friends. 

You can also do neither of those and eat it by yourself. It’s your panettone! Do what you want with it! 


Ftira Wine Imports Featured Image - Christmas 2022 - 5

Price: €28

In my house, if you’re over the age of 18, a big meal on a special occasion is not finished until you’ve had a coffee and a digestivo!

Grappa is always a favourite at this time of the meal, and this grappa is slightly different to the usual stuff you find in every restaurant on the island. 

Made from Nero d’Avola and aged in oak barrels for over 36 months, it’s a cut above the rest and a great bottle to take to a friend’s place for your yearly Christmas get-together.