MVM’s Halloween 2021 Online Shopping Guide

The spoooooookiest time of the year is almost upon us and it’s time to decide whether we will be dealing out tricks or treats. Luckily you can find both of these here on MVM, from all of your favourite online shops with just a few clicks. 

Our powerful search lets you find anything you might be looking for, as long as there is a local online retailer that sells it, and our categorised list of online shops lets you browse to your heart’s content. 

In order to make the act of finding something to make your day extra special, we’ve run a little search through our portal and come up with the following recommendations to make your Halloween the most shocking one yet. 

Obviously, if you want to just browse through and have a look at some shops that are sure to have something interesting this Halloween, you’re most likely to find something on our Novelty and Fancy Dress category pages. In addition to that, what’s any occasion without some delicious treats from our Food and Beverages category pages.

Clothes Fit for a Zombie

Now that we’re able to meet each other and have some fun together once again, while being responsible obviously, we’ll want to dress to impress, and on Halloween that term takes on a whole new meaning. That’s why we’ve picked out a couple of costumes to make the occasion extra scary.

For Her – Countess Vampiretta

Countess Vampiretta Halloween Costume

Price: €35

Once Upon A Time Malta Logo

Vampires have been synonymous with Halloween for as long as I can remember and they are also usually considered to be pretty cool with an element of sexy, apart from the blood draining part of their personality.

That’s why we selected this impactful, yet affordable costume for all those ladies that want to unleash their inner Countess Vampiretta.

For Him – Gothic Vampire

Gothic Vampire Halloween Costume

Price: €39.95

Once Upon A Time Malta Logo

We can’t just let the ladies have all the vampiric fun, can we? That’s why we’ve also included a Gothic Vampire costume for the guys in our pick of costumes. This look, combining mystery with a touch of sinister, will give anyone that sought-after Halloween look, especially with a good touch of well-placed make up.

For the Kids – Diavoletto

Diavoletto Halloween Costume

Price: €22

Toys Malta

You wouldn’t think that scary and cute could occupy the same sentence, but we think that in this case, the two fit perfectly. This Diavoletto costume for kids is a great addition to your children’s costume cupboard and although it may be aimed primarily at boys, we believe that this costume would look awesome on girls too.

Party Like the Undead

What’s a themed party without some awesome decorations? Not a themed party, that’s what!

That’s why we’ve selected a few cool pieces available from local online stores to make sure all your guests know that it’s Halloween and its definitely time to party.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Glass Block

Trick or Treat Halloween Glass Block

Price: €25


You can’t have Halloween without the famous “Trick or Treat” and you can’t throw a party without some unique decorations. This glass block Halloween decoration from Creative Glams is perfect for adding some themed fun to a party table set up. 

Each block comes with led battery-operated lights, that can be easily changed and a fine satin ribbon for a luxurious look. Block measures 19cm x 19cm x 8cm.

Halloween Witch Hat Hanging Decorations

Witch Hat Hanging Decorations Halloween

Price: €8.80

Party Time Malta

“Double, double tole and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble!” – William Shakespeare 

Witches have been a mainstay of folklore and creepiness, with their big point noises and their bigger and pointier hats. So, it’s only natural that they should feature on Halloween in some way, shape or form. These witch hat hanging decorations will add that bit of flair to your Halloween party or even just level up the atmosphere for all those trick or treaters that come to visit. 

Pumpkin – Halloween Candle in 150ml

Pumpkin Halloween Candle

Price: €11.50


Candles are either associated with romantic evenings, sharing a bottle of wine with that special someone, or with some spooky séance where a woman in some colourful hat attempts to contact the dead. You can likely guess what feel we’re going for on this occasion 👻 

Scenarios aside though, these candles are actually handmade, scented and even made locally with natural ingredients. With a choice of 5 special Halloween themed scents, the candle can even be used as massage oil once the wax is melted. 

Local + natural + handmade + massages = a win for Halloween and beyond! 

Make it Fun for the Kids

Let’s face it, Halloween is really a time for kids to be kids and enjoy an evening of fun and sweets (in moderation always 😉). That’s why we’ve picked a few items that we think will make Halloween 2021 a special one. The past year and a half has been super tough for them so it would be nice for them to have an evening where that can just forget about all that and be children.

Halloween Family Friendly Hanging Swirls

Halloween Family Friendly Hanging Swirls Malta

Price: €10.75

Kudos Malta

Kids love colourful decorations and even on Halloween, colour is still king in the eyes of our children. This fun and colourful Halloween kit contains orange, lime green, purple and black swirls which also include card cut-outs of cute creatures like spiders and owls. Hanging from the ceiling, the kids are sure to love these bright decorations. 

This pack includes 30 decorations – 14 foil swirls, 8 swirls with 17.8cm (7”) cut-outs and 8 with 12.7cm (5”) cut-outs. Measures 60cm long. Pack of 30.

HappyPlay Halloween Cutter Set

HappyPlay Halloween Cutter Set Malta

Price: €5

The Outdoor Kid Malta

Play is key to a child’s development and this development doesn’t stop for Halloween, so why not keep the fun going with these cool cutters. These Halloween cutters from the outdoor kid are sure to add a spooky touch to your children’s creative play. 

Recommended for children aged 3+, this pack includes 4 sturdy and re-usable shape cutters with a Halloween theme and in various colours.

Halloween Pumpkin Treats Bag

Halloween Pumpkin Treats Bag Malta

Price: €15

Busy Bee Malta

Halloween and sweets go hand-in-hand, so we couldn’t make a Halloween shopping guide and not include an item for all our sweet-toothed readers. This Pumpkin Treats Bag from Busy Bee is the perfect addition to any Halloween shopping list. A mix of cookies and chocolate Halloween treats are sure to keep everyone satisfied, not just the kids. 

Remember though that we advocate moderation in everything, so eat sweets responsibly 😊 

Our picks should help you get ready for an amazing Halloween 2021, and although we wish we could package fun and sell it too, the rest is up to you. Be sure to run a search on MVM for Halloween yourself and see what you can find from local online retailers to make your Halloween extra special. 

Last but surely not least, we at MVM would like to wish you all an amazingly spooky Halloween 2021. Have fun and stay safe!

Happy Halloween 2021!