Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 24 – Tax-Xorb

Categories: Beverages

Tax-Xorb online shop offers a wide variety of beverage gift ideas for this Christmas. From a nice bottle of wine, to a nice bottle of Whisky or Gin or even a nice gift pack with a set of glasses. Tax-Xorb has it all! With over 800 different products it’s quite easy to find your perfect gift, or why not, something for you!

Game of Thrones Single Malts Collectible Full Set of 9

XMAS Advent - Tax-Xorb #1

Price: €630

Ok, this is a pricey one. But not all gifts are equal. If your budget is higher than most or if it’s a group purchasing for a special individual, this could be an ideal gift! 
9 Different Single Malts from some of the most popular distilleries featuring houses from the popular Game of Thrones series. A Collectible set for a Game of Thrones and Whisky enthusiast.

Chateau Bordeaux 90+ Point Wines St Emilion Wooden Box x 3btls

XMAS Advent - Tax-Xorb #2

Price: €45

Wine: A gift or for personal use, at Tax-Xorb you can find what you’re looking for!  

Wine prices vary from a €3.50 bottle to a €60.00 bottle, providing a vast selection for everyone. This year there are also sets of Wooden Wine boxes with Bordeaux wines which make a really special gift as well as great value for money packs!

Johnnie Walker Triple Cask Black Label Edition 1LTR

XMAS Advent - Tax-Xorb #3

Price: €45

One of the latest arrivals from Johnnie Walker is available from Tax-Xorb. This time it’s the Triple Black Label! Worth a try! If you’re a Johnnie Walker fan then have a look at Tax-Xorb as they have a wide range from the Johnnie Walker Distillery. A real “must have” collection for any whiskey enthusiast.

Akashi Meise Japanese Whisky 50cl with 2 Wooden Glasses Gift Set

XMAS Advent - Tax-Xorb #4

Price: €35

At Tax-Xorb one can find a good variety of Japanese whiskeys…one of which happens to be this Akashi blend. This 40% oak distilled goes nicely with those cold wintery movie nights as well as any festive gathering amongst friends and family.

L’Arbre Gin 70cl

XMAS Advent - Tax-Xorb #5

Price: €20

Going through the Gin section on Tax-Xorb site I found this nice Gin which is quite unique and not easy to find in Maltese stores. Also, an ideal gift for that Gin lover and good value for money. Get those gin glasses ready for a rumble!!!