Smells Like Summer

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Comino-boat-bluelagoon Malta

Summer actually starts on the 21st June – but to me, it’s already begun. I think that summer starts as soon as I start walking around the house shirtless. Then there’s the first summer BBQ, first swim, the first tan, a drink on the beach and normally a summer party would be on that list… but probably not this year. Through sacrifice from all, […]

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 24 – Tax-Xorb

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Categories: Beverages Tax-Xorb online shop offers a wide variety of beverage gift ideas for this Christmas. From a nice bottle of wine, to a nice bottle of Whisky or Gin or even a nice gift pack with a set of glasses. Tax-Xorb has it all! With over 800 different products it’s quite easy to find your perfect gift, or why not, something for you! Game […]