Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 19 – Bortex

Categories: Fashion, Footwear, Bags

I’ve picked this shop for 2 reasons. Firstly, because I’m a sucker for a local success story! I feel a sense of national pride when I see fellow Maltese people doing well for themselves and in particular when they can push their success overseas to have a greater effect on the world. The second reason is that when it comes to high quality smart-casual, smart and ultra-smart men’s clothing in Malta, it doesn’t get much better than this!  

Bortex have got a huge range of high-quality clothes, bags, shoes and accessories which makes picking a gift for any gentleman an easy task.

Camel Stretch Cotton Five Pocket Trousers

XMAS Advent - Gagliardi #1

Price: €59

I was always more of a Jeans man myself. I’m not that into fashion for myself, even if I can recognise it on others. I was once given a similar pair of trousers for Christmas and I loved them. I remember joking about them: calling them my Big Boy Pants!  

While that was a joke, there’s an element of truth in there. Trousers and Chino’s offer a much more sophisticated look and are the perfect choice for smart – but fashionable – occasions where you don’t want or need to wear a suit. They also don’t need to be that smart. You can dress down with whatever else you’re wearing for a totally casual look. 

Their versatility makes these a great gift for any guy!

Polo Ralph Lauren Wallet Smooth Leather Black

XMAS Advent - Bortex #2

Price: €65

I might be wrong about this… but I see wallets as being very similar to watches; in the way that they separate the men from the boys and the chic from the shabby. 

Every man needs a slick black wallet and it doesn’t get better than this. 100% cow leather, slim and covers all the basics. Anything more than that and we’re moving on to the excessive and starts begging to become the wrong bulge in a guy’s pants. 

This gift is timeless and even though it’s a gift that can be used daily, it’s also a gift that can be put aside for those special occasions.

Navy with White Dots Tie

XMAS Advent - Gagliardi #3

Price: €29

I wanted to pick an accessory and really there are no wrong choices. I’ve picked this tie simply because it’s something that all men need. It’s a great gift for anyone and also a good stocking filler. 

There are loads of accessories to choose from like belts, scarves, caps, pocket squares, lapel pins, bags, cufflinks, braces, bow ties, gloves and more. All of these are great gifts and stocking fillers, so do check them out and see what’s the best accessory gift for you.

Red Textured Stripe Crew Neck Jumper

XMAS Advent - Gagliardi #4

Price: €59

This jumper is a winter staple. If the lucky person you’re gifting this to already has that colour or something similar, you have a selection of colours to choose from – but you can’t go wrong with this crew neck jumper. 

It can be worn on its own or as a versatile layering option. The colour can also be used to brighten up a guy’s look.  

If you want to buy something that he’ll keep on wearing, this one will surely be good bang for your buck.

Navy Lightweight Raincoat

XMAS Advent - Gagliardi #5

Price: €159

I’m the kind of person that as soon as the temperature starts creeping up in spring, I’m the first to switch to t-shirts, then shorts and then flip flops. I just hate the idea of bulky clothes on me. This is why, when I saw this raincoat, I thought it was perfect.  

It’s functional in the way that it will keep you dry, but it’s also light and not bulky which is perfect for me. To top it all off, it’s also very fashionable! 

A great gift!