Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 20 – Carisma Collections

Categories: Jewellery

Why is jewellery so giftable? While us ladies do enjoy buying some jewellery for ourselves, much of the finer jewellery we have is usually a cherished gift received from a loved one. Jewellery is a wearable item that can be sentimental and timeless and it can also go from being a gift now and an heirloom later. 

The name ‘Carisma’ was formed by unifying the birth names of three siblings; representing family and cohesion.  

The brand’s jewellery pieces are inspired by Maltese heritage and are meant to reflect Diversity, Charisma & Self-love. 

Here are my top 5 picks from the Carisma.

Charm Bracelet

XMAS Advent - Carisma #1

Price: €29.99

I’ve always wanted one of these personally. A charm bracelet is a type of bracelet which carries personal jewelled ornaments or “charms”, such as decorative pendants or trinkets. This 18K gold-plated stainless-steel, toggle charm bracelet makes a great gift because it’s a ‘jewellery basic’ and the lucky person you give this gift to, can add all her or his preferred pendants to it! This charm bracelet comes in three different sizes to cater for everyone.

‘To Teach us is to touch a life forever’ Carisma Teacher pendant

XMAS Advent - Carisma #2

Price: €39.99

I chose this because I’ve been asked many times to suggest a gift for teachers. Although you or your children might meet them every day, gifts for teachers could be a bit tricky. Lately; I came across this gold-plated pendant with a powerful message! Perfect for the person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence and virtue. This pendant also includes an additional ‘Class of 2020/21’ mini pendant which can be layered using different basic necklaces and bracelets!

Hollow Carisma Maltese Cross Pendant Earring Set

XMAS Advent - Carisma #3

Price: €49.99

Few people know that the 8 pointed cross indicates the knights of Malta obligations and aspirations: “to live in truth, have faith, repent one’s sins, give proof of humility, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and whole­hearted, and to endure persecution”. 

These pendants ‘dress up’ and add that extra Maltese touch to those plain, everyday earrings / hoops.

Bridget Bag

XMAS Advent - Carisma #4

Price: €165

A recent addition to the Carisma website is this stunning bag. The Maltese influence on this bag is the iconic ‘habbata’ – Door knocker. This crossbody bag comes in green and in red too and its versatility makes it the perfect gift since it can be worn on any occasion. I can think of a few friends of mine who would love to receive the Bridget Bag as a gift… and so would I 😊

Octagon 25 Cent Luzzu Coin Pendant Chain Necklace

XMAS Advent - Carisma #5

Price: €74.99

This item might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it makes it ideal for those people that like statement jewellery or that like wearing only one piece of jewellery that stands out. The wide chain and the ‘25 cent’ vintage coin pendant make this necklace noticeable every time someone wears it.