Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 18 – Sunlab

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With approximately 3000 hours of sunlight per year, we live in one of the sunniest countries in Europe. Therefore, it is no surprise that as a population, we find that sunglasses are a necessary piece of our everyday outfit. We rarely go out without them, chanting the pre-outside-trip mantra of “wallet, keys, mobile, sunglasses” to make sure that we have all we need. Some of us even have different sunglasses to match different outfits.  

What better place than Sunlab to find the right pair of sunnies. They have a huge selection of different sunglasses to suit everyone’s tastes, as well as a number of accessories like watches and wallets to complete an outfit!  

I’ve compiled a list of my top items available from Sunlab that would make perfect gifts for those nearest and dearest to us.

Ray Ban Aviator Black/Green Lenses Sunglasses

XMAS Advent - Sunlab #1

Price: €142

The Aviator style from Ray Ban is truly timeless in my opinion. They’ve been around for decades and never seem to get old. They also tend to suit a number of different face types and are unisex, meaning they would make a great gift for anyone, regardless of gender.  

Ray Ban has always been the go-to brand for me when buying sunglasses and I have yet to be disappointed by their build quality and fit.

Fossil Carlie Mini Women Watch 2-Tone 28mm

XMAS Advent - Sunlab #2

Price: €89

I love this style of watch on women. It’s elegant while also ready for adventure, meaning it goes with almost any outfit and occasion. My wife also loves this style of watch, meaning I might just get her a little cheeky Christmas gift since her last watch decided to call it a day a couple of months ago. This watch from Fossil also shows that you don’t need to break the bank to find a beautifully crafted watch.  

What’s more, this particular watch is engravable so you can include your own personal message to make it that much more special as a gift!

Polaroid Kids Blue Sunglasses

XMAS Advent - Sunlab #3

Price: €44

For anyone with kids, we all know that we would do anything to protect our little munchkins. This protection shouldn’t stop at the dangers that we can see but also those that we don’t quite notice on a day-to-day basis, like their eyes.  

This pair of funky kids’ sunglasses from Polaroid should do just that and protect our kids’ eyes from the strong Maltese sunlight, especially in the summer months.  

It also a bonus that they will look super cool sporting these shades!

Skagen Aaren Men Watch Black 41mm

XMAS Advent - Sunlab #4

Price: €99

Scandinavian minimalist style has been in fashion since IKEA brought it to the masses and filled everyone’s homes and minds with the mantra of “less is more”. This watch from Danish brand Skagen seems to stick to this mantra, and being a fan of this style, I was instantly drawn to its design. 

I think this watch is well-priced and would make an excellent gift for a man with an eye for minimalist style.

Fossil Ryan Man Wallet Brown

XMAS Advent - Sunlab #5

Price: €59

Brown leather is beautiful, which is why I was immediately convinced that this wallet from Fossil would make a brilliant gift for anyone who needs a new wallet. 

After years of sporting the same tattered Velcro-sealed Power Rangers wallet, I think whoever receives this gift would be eternally grateful to the person that gives it to them and elevates their wallet elegance rating!