Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 15 – Zara Home

Categories: Household Goods

It’s that time of the year again where I get so excited shopping for gifts for the people I love and Zara Home is one of those places I always have to visit! It’s always such a wonderful shopping experience and I just love browsing around and touching products, especially the textile products, they have such a luxurious feel to them. 

I have this thing that whenever I choose a Xmas gift it has to be something that invokes a feeling of warmth, comfort and pampering so with that in mind these are the 5 items I’m purchasing. 

Double-Textured Faux Fur Blanket

XMAS Advent - ZARA Home #1

Price: €69.99

Blankets are one of the gifts that I love to buy as a Xmas gift. If it’s for an elderly member of my family they always enjoy the gift as it keeps their poor tired knees warm but this time, I’m getting it for my daughter and her husband and they love nothing better than curling up on the sofa watching movie after movie after movie, so I’m sure they’re going to enjoy cuddling up under this warm and cosy blanket. 

Towel with Warm Touch Effect

XMAS Advent - ZARA Home #2

Price: €5.99 – €29.99

Zara Towels are amazing, they are beautiful and such good quality. I’m getting the bath towel and will also throw in a hand towel and face towel to create a set. They’re 100% cotton with a warm touch effect. Warm feeling and highly absorbent. The word warm won me over to choose this particular product as a gift 😊

Premium Quality Cotton Dressing Gown

XMAS Advent - ZARA Home 3_1

Price: €59.99

Choosing a gift for my father is always difficult, what do you get for the man that has been your rock all your life. I wanted to get him something that is personal and comforting and this bathrobe promises to be all that. It’s cotton, luxurious and warm and it states to have excellent absorbent power. I’m sure that he’s going to love this.

Black Vanilla Scented Candle

XMAS Advent - ZARA Home #4

Price: €11.99

I always have little standby gifts during this period just in case I’ve forgotten to buy someone a gift or if I’m invited somewhere for drinks and I’d like to take a small gift. I believe that candles make perfect emergency gifts as everyone enjoys a beautiful candle no matter their age. These candles are beautifully and elegantly presented in an outer carton box – very giftable. They’re made out of 100% vegetable oil and have a beautiful fragrance comprising of a unique blend of delicious vanilla and praline notes. I’ll be getting a few of these candles to give as gifts and a couple more for myself 😉

Poetic Mind Exfoliant Soap

XMAS Advent - ZARA Home #5

Price: €9.99

I’m always stuck when it comes to secret Santa gifts, especially when it’s a low budget of €10. This time I was twice lucky and the name I drew was of a good friend of mine who I know loves pampering herself. I found the perfect gift and within agreed budget; this beautiful exfoliating hand and body soap. Even the name makes one feel it’s going to be exotic and relaxing and the best thing about it is that it comes with a pump dispenser so no more fiddling around with the cap while in the shower. It contains glycerine to help moisturise and soften the skin and it has a harmonious combination of woody notes, lemon zest and gentle magnolia. Getting myself one of these too 😊