Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 16 – Franks

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BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE…….. but not snowing – instead it’s wet, grey and windy (at the time of writing this). My plan was to go out and get some more Christmas shopping done but with this weather I instead armed myself with a glass of steaming mulled wine, Xmas music in the background (to get into the spirit) and grabbed my laptop, easier and much safer. Since I’m home and alone I also didn’t have to wear that dreaded mask. I went straight to MVM (my favourite mall) and went directly to FRANKS in search of some personal gifts. These are the 5 gift that won me over. 

GUCCI BLOOM Eau De Parfum 50ml

XMAS Advent - Franks #1

Price: €93

Gucci has always been my favourite fragrance brand and since they have launched GUCCI BLOOM this is my all-time go to fragrance! I’m never caught without it.  
Their bath lines are to die for too, the selection includes the body cream, body lotion, body oil, hair mist and so on, I normally leave the house engulfed in a cloud of a rich white floral scent of jasmine and tuberose.  

In the past GUCCI was considered as a mature woman’s fragrance but since their creative director changed the whole concept of the brand (fragrance and fashion), things changed drastically and it’s now targeted to a younger generation. I’m getting this for my niece who always comments on my lovely scent when we meet, she’s going to love this.

BOSS Bottled Eau De Parfum 100ml

XMAS Advent - Franks #2

Price: €99

Niece sorted, now I need to get something for her brother, my nephew. I didn’t need to browse around much as this guy is a total loyal BOSS user and wouldn’t use anything else which seems to be the case with a lot of men when it comes to BOSS. 

I had tried in the past to get him a different fragrance but I knew from the look on his face that he wasn’t too ecstatic about it.  

It also comes in a 200ml bottle which is far better value for money, but I wanted to stick to the same budget as I had spent on his sister. This fragrance besides being an Eau De Parfum instead of an Eau De Toilette – which will have a longer lasting effect – is also a modern scent.

Technic Eyeshadow Treasury X24

XMAS Advent - Franks #3

Price: €12

WOW I’m feeling I’m on a roll, I’m having a very productive morning, just found another perfect gift. A secret Santa gift for a budget of €10/€12. The person whose name I drew is a very frequent traveller (pre Covid days) and once; while traveling with her I had a peak into her cosmetic bag to borrow a lipliner and it was a total mess with loaaads of single mono eyeshadows. This gift is made for her as she will need to carry just 1 product containing 24 different shades to make a smokey eye look. I hope she gets the hint and cleans out her makeup bag when she starts travelling again 😊

Man’Stuff Mega Man Drawer

XMAS Advent - Franks #4_1

Price: €44

I’m always at a loss when shopping for men unless I know that there is something in particular that this person really needs, us women are so much easier to shop for 😊  

But I came across this set and I think it’s a perfect gift for a man. At the moment it’s very much on trend for men to grow a beard and men have learned that it’s not just us ladies that have to keep themselves looking their best. This kit contains all the essentials to keep a beard well groomed, it’s not expensive if you can’t spend much and it’s beautifully presented.

Chloé Signature Body Lotion 200ml

XMAS Advent - Franks #5

Price: €44

I’ve always loved giving branded body lotions as a gift, whether it’s for Xmas or birthdays; it’s a lovely way to give someone a branded gift without having to break the bank. The person I’m getting this gift for suffers from certain allergies so she can’t wear perfume – this is just right for her. Also, she’s very chic and feminine so this body lotion will suit her to the T.