Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 8 – Red Tracer


Categories: Adventure, Bags, Footwear, Fashion

I’ve always loved the outdoors at home and abroad, and have been a massive fan on getting my hiking boots on and going for a long walk in the great outdoors, or packing a tent in the car and heading out for a weekend of camping with family and friends. Although you can hit the outdoors and find an adventure without the best gear, having the right equipment is truly essential for an amazing and enjoyable time. Red Tracer is a one-stop local online shop where you can find all the equipment you could every need to take with you on your adventures.

Camping Stove

XMAS Advent - Red Tracer #1

Price: €17.50

Lightweight, compact and affordable. Those are the only three words I would need to describe this camping stove. A camping stove is an essential item to have whether you’re out hiking for the day or camping for the weekend. Sure, vacuum flasks are great, but what happens when you run out of hot water and you’re in the middle of your hike on a cold January day, craving some beautiful hot coffee? Camping stove to the rescue! 

Foxknives Multitool

XMAS Advent - Red Tracer #2

Price: €33

Find me an adventure lover who doesn’t like a multitool and I’ll be beyond surprised. With over 12 different tools in this bad-ass-looking, titanium coated utility, you’re bound to find multiple uses for it while out camping, climbing, hiking or doing something awesome outdoors. It’s also very well-priced for what you’re getting especially compared to other well-known multitool brands. 

Pentagon DBU Pants Grey

XMAS Advent - Red Tracer #3

Price: €34.95

Now I know that you’re probably thinking – “a pair of trousers, how boring!” – but when in the great outdoors, all adventure lovers would be thankful to have a nice warm, hard-wearing pair of trousers with just the right number of pockets for their mobile phone, snacks, headphones, snacks, and did I mention snacks? They also come in an array of adventure-worthy colours, so no fluorescents thankfully. 

Tac Mavern Backpack

XMAS Advent - Red Tracer #4

Price: €55

Whether you’re heading out for a hike, going camping, or even just getting on a plane to somewhere exciting (whenever that might be), we don’t really go anywhere without some sort of bag. Personally, backpacks are my absolute favourite type of bag. They hold a lot for their size, they have many compartments to cater to my extreme organisation requirements and they’re super functional since you can just carry them around on your back and distribute the weight evenly.  

These backpacks by Tac Mavern look cool and rugged, and perfect for any occasion where a backpack is required. They also come in 3 different colours.

Sluban Fire Truck

XMAS Advent - Red Tracer #5

Price: €16

I used to love playing with toys like this when I was a child and I’m sure that many other people from my generation remember playing with toys like this too. In this day and age of technology, I still firmly believe that toys like this are essential for children to have as they can interact with them in ways that they can’t interact with an app on a tablet or smartphone. It’s also integral for their personal and social development, or so my teacher wife tells me. I hope to play with toys like this when my daughter is old enough to do so and this range of army themed vehicle toys from Sluban will definitely be on my list. 

The fire truck is my personal favourite, but they have everything from a tank to a World War 2 plane so I’m sure there will be something to interest any child (and parent cos let’s be honest, we secretly want these for ourselves too).