Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 9 – A to Z Electronics

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A to Z Electronics is one of those shops that sell a huge array of things. I don’t know if it’s all guys or just me, but when I visit their website or one of their shops, I’m like a child in a candy store! 

So many cool and functional gadgets and electronics to choose from – I Could spend hours just browsing and learning about all the latest electronics. 

Here are 5 Christmas gifts I’ve shortlisted for you from A to Z Electronics

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

XMAS Advent - AtoZ Electronics #1

Price: €79.95

For those of you not yet familiar with this kind of gadget, it’s a Bluetooth smart speaker that you can talk to. You connect it to your Wi-Fi and aside from just playing music like a regular speaker, it can do way more. This particular model also has a clock on the front too. 

Click on the “Buy Now” button to check out all the cool features that AtoZ have listed for this product on their website. 

I love this gift idea because it’s a great gift that anyone will enjoy regardless of age or gender! It’s also a great idea as a gift to give to a couple or a family – something that everyone in the house can enjoy. 

They can ask Alexa to play music, set a timer, set a reminder and much much more!!

Acer KA240H 24″ LED Monitor

XMAS Advent - AtoZ Electronics #2

Price: €139.95

At first glance, this might seem like a strange gift to give, but stay with me here and I’ll justify my choice. 

As a result of these strange times we’re living in, many of us have had to work a lot from home recently. This has come at the cost of some comfortable office resources like a good desk chair, proper desk, maybe the right peripherals… but none more important than the monitor. 

I’m personally always working on more than one thing at once and it helps to have as much virtual desktop space as possible to organise my work well. A monitor would definitely help with that. 

But it’s not only good for work. Most laptop owners don’t have a monitor because they just don’t know how much they need one yet! Once they get a monitor (and some basic peripherals), they will have the option of switching from a Desktop System to a portable Laptop system at will!

Canyon Fobos Gaming Chair

XMAS Advent - AtoZ Electronics #3

Price: €249

Here’s one for the gamers. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a gamer, then a proper chair is a perfect gift.  

Gaming normally means hours on end sitting in the same place. Helping your loved ones by supporting them through improved ergonomics is a sign that you truly love them. 

It doesn’t hurt that these chairs are cooler than all other chairs! 

Sencor SCR4200 Dashcam Black 1080p Car DVR Camera

XMAS Advent - AtoZ Electronics #4

Price: €69.95

Every day it’s sad to read the news and see so many accidents happening on our roads daily. This gift will help your loved ones to protect themselves by continuously recording their journey while driving. There’s something about having a dashcam that also makes you drive more carefully because it almost feels like you’re being watched. 

Another great thing about having a dashcam is that you can occasionally save your trip permanently for safekeeping to refer back to it in the future. Some good quality reminiscing or to show your future kids what Malta looked like back when mum/dad were young and cool. 

Also, a great gift for people who enjoy travelling overland. 

TP-Link HS100 Wireless Smart Plug

XMAS Advent - AtoZ Electronics #5

Price: €29.95

This one is for the gadget guru’s out there. This little gadget will allow you to turn anything plugged into it on or off from wherever you are by accessing it through a dedicated application on your Smartphone. It could also be a first step into making your home a smart home. 

You know who this is for… We all know someone who’s in love with these kinds of cool gadgets!  

This might also fall into your secret Santa budget 😊