Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 2 – Debenhams

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To me, Debenhams is a one stop shop. Whenever I have a gift to buy, I always go directly there. The reason is simple… they sell everything from attire for all occasions for ladies, gents & kids to lingerie & sleepwear to household goods and even quirky gifts.  

I usually buy all my Christmas Gifts from Debenhams. Here’s my 5 top Christmas gift ideas. 

Windowpane Supersoft Wrap


Price: €36

I personally own about 10 of these! I love them! Super soft and cozy; these wraps are perfect for the Autumn/Winter season. Just throw them over a dress, top & pants, smart or casual they just fit with everything. I also have a plain black one in my car for weather ‘emergencies’ 😊 

This is a perfect gift to give one of my girlfriends! 

Versicolour Varnish-Varn 8.5ML


Price: €25.50

1st of all who doesn’t love MAC Makeup? 2nd who doesn’t love a sexy red lipstick?  

Not much to say to be honest…. You have an amazing brand which speaks for itself, the lovely red and a perfect price for a Secret Santa gift. If you are still unsure about this gift then check out what MAC have to say about it. 

An intense lip colour hybrid that’s glossier and higher coverage than ever before. 
Despite its creamy, comfortable water-light formula, the lip stain lays down high-impact, full coverage colour that lasts up to 12 hours. Gliding on effortlessly, the lip stain has a long-lasting wet finish (four hours) for glossy results. Lips look bold and juicy.

Any girl would love this gift!

UB Textured Short Jacket


Price: €152

This casual yet smart jacket is ideal for men of all ages, I really think its versatile which makes it an easy choice to be honest.  

It has a padded design & hood for the colder & humid weather… actually it’s also a perfect travel jacket!

Awesome I love it & I know exactly who I will be buying this for 😊



Price: €76

As my mother would always say you can never have enough handbags! Well…. I would say, you can never have enough BLACK handbags…. Especially saddle handbags.  

This lovely one is from the exclusive J by Jasper Conran range which makes it even more tempting. It’s a really great size and it has multiple pockets which are super handy. You can really wear with a casual or smart casual outfit…. Erm… actually can someone please tell my husband that I would really like to find this wrapped under the Christmas tree 😊

BZTG LS Penguin Bag DRSS


Price: €27

I mean seriously! How cute is this dress!!!!

I chose this one because I actually bought it for my 3-year-old. She absolutely loves it! It’s pretty, sweet & Christmassy and to top it all off it comes with a cute little handbag.  

Debenhams do this very often; they sell girl’s dresses with little handbags to match. Best thing is they cannot grow out of the handbags so they keep on using them with different outfits as they grow older.   

Definitely a perfect gift for a young girl & let’s face it…. It’s at a super great price.