Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 1 – Scan Malta

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Scan Malta has such a vast range of items for sale that it’s almost impossible to only pick 5 gifts. They stock anything electronic; from household goods, to computers and laptops, to smartphones and appliances! 

I’ve done the impossible and managed to narrow down my choices to pick the following 5 favourite gift ideas! 

OnePlus Nord 5G 256GB 12GB Dual Sim Grey Onyx Smartphone


Price: €509

I’ve bought this phone for myself which is why I know that this would make a great gift!

It’s a great looking phone with all the features of a top flagship smartphone wrapped up in a very reasonable €409.

It runs smoothly thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G Mobile Platform and 8GB RAM.

It takes great pictures and videos thanks to its four rear and two front cameras.

It charges quickly with Warp Charge 30T.

It’s got a decent battery life thanks to its 4100 mAh Battery.

What more could you want!

Xiaomi Haylou LS05 Solar Smartwatch


Price: €49.95

I never knew I needed a smartwatch in my life… until one was given to me as a gift. Scan Malta has a number of smart watches to choose from but I’ve chosen this one for its high value price to features ratio.

Aside from looking good, it also has features such as heart monitoring, sleep monitoring, fitness tracking (12 sport modes) and music control.

It also has a great battery life with up to 30 days battery life on standby – but nothing beats having that ‘Find Phone’ feature. When you’re late to be somewhere and you can find your phone at the touch of a button, it will all be worth it!

VAVA VA-SK008 Grey Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio Speaker with Wireless Charging

Price: €49

I love efficiency – and multi-function gadgets are just THE BEST! Whoever receives this gift will actually be receiving the gift of; ‘never having to worry about low battery on their phone’. Every night before going to sleep, just place your mobile phone on the alarm clock and it will receive a good slow charge throughout the night – ready to go the next day. Ooh yeah.. They will also get an alarm clock radio for their bedroom… but that’s just gravy. 

Just make sure that whoever you’re giving this gift to has a Qi-enabled phone. 

Trotec TIH 900 S Infrared Heating Panel

Price: €165

This is by far the coolest heater you’re going to come across. From what I’ve been able to gather from the well detailed listing on Scan’s website, this heater technology is so efficient that it uses 100% of its energy to heat the room – making it an environmentally friendly option and also saves you a fair amount of money too! 

You can use it as a stand-alone heater or you can mount it on the wall. No noise, no air, just efficient heat. 

It almost sounds too good to be true… But I know someone who bought one and he is very happy by how this has exceeded his expectations!  
Great gift for a loved one.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Basic 2 Earbuds

Price: €39.95

In my humble opinion, we seem to have had been stuck on the technology of earphones until 2018 with the same old low quality wired earphones which keep falling out. With no other features aside from plug and listen – you could only use them to listen to music while sitting still, otherwise they will just annoyingly pop out. 

This past year or 2, we have seen the emergence of these tiny earbuds which have taken over the earphone industry. But they didn’t make 1 or 2 minor improvements… we’re talking about a different animal altogether. They are small, wireless, ergonomic, intuitive, feature rich, have great sound and if we’re being honest… quite affordable! 

The intuitiveness of such a small device is mind blowing, so this has to be my top pick!