Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 21 – Busy Bee


Day 21 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Busy Bee Malta

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December is that month of the year where everybody forgets about any form of diet and enjoys treating themselves and their loved ones to delicious and decadent food and drink. 

Sweet treats are top of list for most people at this time of year and if that’s what you’re looking for, then Busy Bee are sure to have something for you. This household name in the local sweets scene has a whole range of items that would make perfect Christmas gifts. 

People flock to Busy Bee for their famous kannoli, but they have a huge selection of different products available which are sure to make your mouth water. So much so, that you might just want to buy two of everything – one as a gift and another just for you! 

Below are my top 5 picks from Busy Bee’s Christmas collection.


Busy Bee - St Nicholas- Christmas 2022

Price: €40

Variety is the spice of life they say, and that’s why assorted gift packs are perfect as Christmas gifts. They have a little bit of everything for all tastes. This gift pack, named after the jolly man himself, is a great gift for those people in your life with a sweet tooth. 

This pack contains: 

  • Torroncini box 300gr 
  • Fruit & Coconut chocolate balls 380gr 
  • Gianduia chocolate jar 200gr 
  • Chocolate pralines box 150gr 
  • Speculoos biscuits 250gr 
  • Ginger biscuits 250gr 


Busy Bee - Winterland - Christmas 2022

Price: €55

Looking for a gift pack with a little extra? Then this one is sure to hit the spot. With a mix of traditional local and international Christmas treats, this pack contains biscuits, mince pies and chocolates, so you’ll definitely be satisfying the tastes of whoever is lucky enough to get this on Christmas day. 

Here you’ll find the following: 

  • Pasta di mandorla box 350gr (pure almond pastries) 
  • Torroncini box 300gr 
  • Mince pies box x 6 540gr 
  • Krustini bag 320gr 
  • Ottijiet bag 320gr 
  • Father Christmas chocolate 120gr 
  • Chocolate pralines box 150gr 
  • Honey ring 400gr 


Busy Bee - Christmas Cookies Mug - Christmas 2022

Price: €17.50

If you’re looking for something that won’t be completely devoured, then why not give a gift that’s a mix of permanent and edible? This item contains a beautifully-crafted ceramic Christmas mug filled with chocolate chip cookies. 

Once they’re done with the cookies, they’ll have a cute mug to keep and will remember this gift every time they pour a warm cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever tickles their fancy. 

You can also choose between a Santa or Snowman themed mug. 


Busy Bee - Dolci Di Mandorla Art Christmas Box - Christmas 2022

Price: €15.50 – €22

For a more luxurious touch to Christmas sweets, these tastefully designed boxes filled with Busy Bee’s best-selling pure almond pastries are the way to go. 

You can choose from boxes with 8 or 14 pieces, depending on your budget and/or the size of the recipient’s sweet tooth.


Busy Bee - Mince Pies Luxury Box - Christmas 2022

Price: €12.50

There are many staples at Christmas time – mulled wine, roast potatoes, pudding and, most importantly, mince pies. Every household on the island is sure to have mince pies ready to go for when tea time comes around. 

This pack of 6 mince pies is ideal to take with you when invited over for the traditional Christmas evening meet-ups, or even as a gift to share with work colleagues during the office Christmas party. Either way, you’re sure to be a hit if you turn up with a box of these pastry delights.