Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 16 – Nsejt


Day 16 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Nsejt Malta

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Nsejt is a relatively new shop with a brand-new concept and has been making waves in Malta since 2021. The idea behind Nsejt is that thanks to their 4-hour delivery service, you’re covered for any last-minute gift purchases which you forgot (“Nsejt”) to buy.

For any gifts that may have slipped your mind, you can rest assured that you’re covered through a great variety of gift options and super-fast delivery. 

That being said, Nsejt is not just for the forgetful gift buyer. They have a huge selection of products on offer, even when you’re not in a hurry, so be sure to check out their site.

Kitchenette – Modern – Electric Cooking – Pink

Nsejt - Kitchenette - Christmas 2022

Price: €135.55

I’m a 34-year-old man and I’ve spent so much time playing in a kitchen like this one – it’s unreal. I don’t mean when I was a kid… I mean recently! My niece has one and absolutely loves it, so whenever I go over, we always play in the kitchen where she cooks up all sorts of weird and wonderful pretend dishes. 

This gift is an amazing one for a young kid and really gives them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. A toy that will keep them occupied for hours while also helping them to become more creative. 

D.O.C. – Advent Calendar

Nsejt - Advent Calendar- Christmas 2022

Price: €30

When I saw this ‘Duck On Call’ Playmobil advent calendar I thought, what a fantastic idea!  

Instead of chocolates, children can enjoy looking forward to receiving a little Playmobil gift every single day of Advent. The anticipation of opening that little door every December morning till Christmas is palpable for any kid and it gives them a new toy to play with every day leading up to Christmas Morning. Nsejt have a whole range of different ones to choose from so do check them out on their website to find the right one for you. 

Pepe Jeans for him or for her

Nsejt - Pepe Jeans- Christmas 2022

Price: €25.95 – €46.95

When you’re looking for a last-minute gift and don’t have too much time to think, you’re better off keeping it safe. A nice fragrance always makes for a great and safe gift, especially one that smells as great as the Pepe Jeans range does. 

Some great options for men and for women, Nsejt have a pretty large range to choose from and will of course be delivered in lightning-fast speed. 

15.6″ Black Quilted Laptop Backpack

Nsejt - Quilted Backpack- Christmas 2022

Price: €49.98

With laptops being so vital in the lives of many of us, be it for school or for work, it’s important to keep it safe but also for us to be comfortable when moving it around. This awesome looking backpack is purpose built for such a job and looks great too. 

This backpack is waterproof, has multiple compartments and even has a nifty feature that allows you to charge your mobile by USB if you also attach a power bank on the inside. You’ll also find this backpack in a larger size (17”) or in blue

A great gift this Christmas for anyone who carries their laptop around for work or school. 

Il-Millied it-Tajjeb (Xmas Mug)

Nsejt - Xmas Mug - Christmas 2022

Price: €8.99

Here we have the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking filler. This Christmas mug which was designed and made in Malta with “Il-Milied it-Tajjeb” (Merry Christmas) printed on it, making it a great little gift which doubles as a keepsake of Malta, especially if you are gifting it to someone who isn’t Maltese. 

There’s also many more Christmas mugs with Maltese text to choose from on the Nsejt website, so get clicking to find the right mug for you. 

A sweet and thoughtful little gift this Christmas.