Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 15 – Online Intimates


Day 15 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Online Intimates Malta

Categories: Adult

Today we bring to you some sexy gift ideas from Online Intimates

But before that, let’s just address the shock and awe that some people might feel when seeing this post.  

Until the time of writing this post, in 2022, our ‘Adult’ category page has received one of the highest number of page views of all categories. What this tells me is that sex toys and sexy apparel are popular and people are looking at them anyway. 

Of course, where there’s intimacy, we (normally) look for privacy, and that’s why Online Intimates are offering such a great service. They are fulfilling the private needs of people without making anyone feel uncomfortable or exposed – from the comfort of their own private devices. 

Online Intimates are selling thousands of pleasure and wellness items from their website and they even have a section describing how your order will be processed discreetly

Online Intimates can also be found on Wolt where you could get your Online Intimates delivered within 25 mins for any sexurgencies. 


Online Intimates - Dorcel Secret Clit - Christmas 2022

Price: €84.99

Oooo ahhhhh..  this looks promising. This G-spot and clitoral stimulator will have her twisting and turning with pleasure. A sexy gadget with 2 motors, 10 different vibrating functions and a warming function which can all be controlled by voice – if she can get the words out. 

This toy is made from soft silicone (phthalate free), has dimensions 12cm x Ø 3.2 cm, is water resistant and is USB chargeable.  

Give her this gift this Christmas and she will thank you over and over and over again. Just don’t let her open it while all the family is around 😉


Online Intimates - Stroker - Christmas 2022

Price: €79

A sex toy for him, this stroker is designed by taking a mould of Apolonia Lapiedra’s most intimate parts. Are you confident enough to give him this gift? 

Let him close his eyes and enjoy the fantasy of feeling Apolonia Lapiedra when you just don’t feel like having sex. Or include it in your fourplay – you make the rules of the game. 

This gift pairs perfectly with the KIIROO – KEON INTERACTIVE STROKER for a more hands-free session.  


Online Intimates - Bed Restraints Set - Christmas 2022

Price: €49.95

This gift can go both ways. A gift for him or a gift for her. Either way you’re promising them nights of an elevated sex experience. This fun bed binding kit will have you experiencing some light BDSM in a fun way. 

Submit to each other and see where the role playing takes you. Find out what the other does when you completely submit to them, just make sure it’s done with someone who you trust and remember to agree on a safe word. 

This gift isn’t only for one person to give to another, but if you know a couple who can handle it, it could be a fun Christmas present to give to a couple.


Online Intimates - Penguin - Christmas 2022

Price: €66.95

Another sex toy for her, this handsome penguin will keep her entertained while you’re not around. Using pressure waves, this touch-free clitoral stimulator is said to give her multiple and extremely intense orgasms within minutes! 

This quiet toy has 11 different pulsating programs, each more intense than the last. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and rechargeable using a magnetic USB charging cable. 

Here’s a tip to entertain yourself while giving this gift. Wrap this present and give it to her on Christmas morning. Say nothing and try to see how quickly she realises what it is.


Online Intimates - OBSESSIVE CORSET + THONG - Christmas 2022

Price: €32.64

Online Intimates don’t only sell sex toys but they also sell a huge range of jaw dropping lingerie, mini dresses, bandage dresses, corsets, garter belts… well, you get the picture. There are so many to choose from!  

I’ve picked this sexy Corset & Thong set but do browse through the other options to find something that would really complement the person who you would like to give this gift to.  

Give her the gift of feeling sexy this Christmas.