Christmas 2021 Gift Guide Day 24 – Tax-Xorb


Day 24 of the MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

Tax-Xorb Malta

Categories: Beverages

We end our MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide with Tax-Xorb. The guys at Tax-Xorb are also part of the same team at The Organizer who specialise in wedding and event planning and as such know their booze very well. They’ve got some of the best prices on the island and will deliver your beverages to your door when shopping online. 

This year, they’ve put together some Christmas hampers with a great mix of alcohol and Christmas treats as well as a whole load of other gift packs which make great gifts this Christmas.  

Here are my top 5 choices.


Tax-Xorb Option 1 MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €20

If you asked me to close my eyes and mention 4 products that remind me of Christmas, I may very well guess these 4 items. Tax-Xorb have actually put together a range of 12 different hampers, but would also be able to put a custom hamper together for you upon request. 

A nice little gift for your kid’s teacher, or a friend you meet this Christmas. 

Here’s what’s in it: 

  • Signore Giuseppe Prosecco 75cl 
  • Ferrero Collection 172g 
  • After Eight 200g 
  • Elia Mince Pies x 3pcs

Gran Passione

Tax-Xorb Gran Passione MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €30

If you’re looking to make a great impression with a gift of wine, you should look no further than this. A bottle of Gran Passione Rosso and a bottle of Gran Passione Bianco in an attractive Wooden Gift Box makes a lovely gift for any wine enthusiast.  

There are other wine gift sets available, but I chose this as I thought it was a special choice. Not widely found in supermarkets and more likely to be found in wine bars and restaurants who stock up on good wines.

Black & Skyline

Tax-Xorb Black & Skyline MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €100

This year, Tax-Xorb have created a ‘Gifts for him’ section where they have paired selected bottles with a Skyline watch in a pack. Johnny Walker Black Label needs no introduction and everyone knows that it’s a top quality and popular blended scotch whisky, and this 200 year Anniversary 70cl Metal Tin edition comes with & Skyline Water Resistant Watch in Metal Box.

Gin Mare 70cl + 2 Gin Glasses in Gift Pack

Tax-Xorb Gin Mare MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €40

Gin has gained incredible popularity over the past few years, with different ways of serving using different ingredients. But the one thing that all gin drinkers appreciate is a good quality gin. Gin Mare is one of the finer gins and this bottle comes in a box with two gin glasses to really get that home-mixology groove going. 

Great gift for a Gin lover.

J. Walker Blue Label 70cl Icons 2.0

Tax-Xorb JW Blue Label MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €185

Tax-Xorb have a special section on their website dedicated to collectible items. This Johnny Walker Blue Label Icons 2.0, which has just been launched this year, is one of those special collectables available for purchase. These are limited edition items and so there’s very limited stock available in Malta. 

A great unique gift for anyone who loves great quality whisky or who loves collecting limited edition bottles.