Christmas 2021 Gift Guide Day 18 – Band Aid Music


Day 18 of the MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

Band Aid Music Malta

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Music is a universal language. There are few people on the planet that don’t enjoy listening to music and there are loads of people on the planet that love making that music. Band Aid Music is one local online shop that shares this passion for music. Their mission is to kit musicians out with anything they might need to make the best music that they can. 

The local music scene has been going from strength to strength as the years go by. Sure, the pandemic might have given the local industry a harder time than most, but local bands are now coming back with a vengeance.  

So, if you know any seasoned or aspiring musicians, Band Aid Music will have a suitable gift for them. I’ve listed my top picks below.

Laka Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele & Carry Bag

Band Aid Music Ukulele MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €36.99

The ukulele is one of those instruments that invokes happy memories, thanks to its serene sound. Whether used on a massive stage in front of thousands of people or around the campfire with your closest friends, it is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play. Coupled with its size, this makes this ukulele particularly great for kids to learn the magic of making music, especially if they are interested in string instruments. The beautiful range of colours will surely help getting them interested too. 

If you know of a child with a desire to learn to make music, or even an adult who loves string instruments, this might be the ideal gift for them.

Maxine Electric Guitar

Band Aid Music Electric Guitar MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €145

Most fans of live music, love the sound of an electric guitar and it is the instrument of choice for so many aspiring musicians. This solid wood body electric guitar is perfect for anyone who wants to get to grips with the intricacies of electric string instruments, or even somebody who has been wanting to learn to play for years but never got down to doing it. 

Be the push they need, and get this beautiful black and white solid wood model for them so they can ring in the new year with a new skill.

Aria AK20 Classic Guitar

Band Aid Music Classical Guitar MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €125

Before moving on to electrical instruments, a number of musicians feel they need to master the classical version. This amazingly affordable classic guitar can help them do just that.  

This is the perfect model for aspiring guitar players, so if you know someone who’d like to hone their skills with a classical string instrument, this is the gift for them. 

Kinsman 10W Guitar Practice Amplifier BB10

Band Aid Music Guitar Amplifier MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €65

Every electric guitar needs a great amplifier to truly bring out that awesome sound. There are a host of different amplifiers available, but this one is perfect for someone who is in the beginning of their musical journey. It’s well priced, offers great sound quality and even has an output to plug in some headphones for some silent practice when the rest of the house has had enough. 

Get this amplifier for anyone starting out with the electric guitar or someone who is looking for a slight upgrade for their practice sessions.

Xvive Wireless Guitar System – Wood

Band Aid Music Wireless Guitar System MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €125

Cables have been part and parcel with electric instruments for years, but with new technology comes new ways of playing without the tangling and confusion that often comes with long cables. This wireless guitar system, with a battery life of approximately 4-5 hours, is a great pick for those guitar players that prefer to move about while playing. 

Whether on stage or during practice, this gift will provide the recipient with great freedom of movement while they rock out.