Christmas 2021 Gift Guide Day 17 – La Tierra Jewels


Day 17 of the MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

La Tierra Jewels Malta

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As we all know, jewellery is a great gift at any time of the year, but at Christmas time I feel it is extra special, especially if it’s for someone you love. La Tierra Jewels has a wide selection of different jewellery for every occasion. From chunky to retro to elegant, they’ll definitely have something that tickles your fancy. 

With all the different events taking place during the festive season, a nice piece of jewellery might also be a great gift before Christmas day, allowing the lucky recipient to wear it out before the big day. 

With this in mind, I’ve selected a few of my top gift picks for this Christmas season from La Tierra Jewels

Ohh Soo Retro Orange Petals Pendant

La Tierra Jewels Retro Pendant MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €38

Retro items are always a crowd pleaser.

This stainless steel pendant and necklace can add a retro touch to any outfit. 

It comes in 3 different colours and is one of a collection of different Retro pendants offered by La Tierra Jewels. The pretty petal pattern can add a touch of class and colour to any top, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves mixing retro designs with modern couture. 

Hand Made Crochet Chunky Beading Earrings

La Tierra Jewels Crochet Earrings MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €30

When something is hand-made, it can be considered to be unique due to the beauty of human error. No two things can be exactly the same when a human hand is crafting them, no matter how delicate or precise the craftsman is, and to me that is beautiful. 

These hand-made earrings in a crochet style, are a great gift to show someone you care about how unique they are in your eyes. 

The colours and measurements of these earrings can even be customised, subject to availability, making this piece even more unique.

Paper Clip Chain Necklace including Square Pink Chalcedony Pendant

La Tierra Jewels Chain Necklace MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €35

This 18kt gold plated paper clip chain necklace is decorated with a square gemstone and goes perfectly with an elegant dress or casual outfit. So, if you’re ready for a night on the town or a 5 course Michelin starred meal, this necklace has you sorted. 

That’s exactly why it’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes adding some flair and colour to their outfit, regardless of whether they love the high life, or prefer kazin drinks with friends.

St. Steel Cambio Locket TM and Brown Tiger Eye Gemstone

La Tierra Jewels Cambio Locket MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €45

Lockets have been around for centuries in one way, shape or form. They have always been treasured pieces of jewellery usually linked to the memory of a loved one. 

This locket is no different and is actually an original La Tierra design. The hexagon frame can be worn to show either side, comes in 3 colours, and the stone inserts are interchangeable. This means that they can be mixed and matched with any outfit. 

If you want someone to hold the memory of you close to their heart, this locket is the way to do it.

Statement Chunky Chain Necklace

La Tierra Jewels Chunky Necklace MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €28

Chunky necklaces are great on their own or layered with other necklaces. They also go with a host of different outfits and necklines adding to their versatility. 

This 18kt gold plated necklace is a great pick for the person who can never have enough necklaces and loves to mix and match jewellery.