Valentine’s Day in the Time of Covid

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I’m aware that the title of this post may be on the cheesy side, but now that I have you here, I wanted to discuss this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. We all know that this year, things are going to be a bit different thanks to the ongoing global pandemic. 

Current events dictate that Valentine’s Day may have to take more of a virtual feel and in light of this, we’ve decided to try and lend a helping hand to all of you love birds looking for that super special gift for your special someone. 

As most of you may already be aware, Malta Virtual Mall offers a super cool search function. This means that you can search for absolutely anything that you want and you’ll get results from local online shops selling anything related to your search term. With this in mind, I searched for “Valentines Day” through our search function. After sifting through the results of this search, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the items I found to be of interest.

‘Int + Jien =’ Pull Lid Wine Box

Price: €19

This box is cool and original for a number of reasons: 

  1. It’s in Maltese (can’t get any more local than that) 
  2. It’s wooden and therefore reusable and good for the environment 
  3. It holds wine (or any other beverage of your choosing) 

You can buy this box as a stand-alone item or choose to add a bottle of wine, or “Something Special” as the people at The Tink Shop put it.

T-Shirt Bundles (His & Hers)

Price: €35

Price: €37

The folks at Souvenirs That Don’t Suck are responsible for some pretty original and awesome Maltese products, and these bundles are no exception. They’ve teamed up with Soap Café and Malta Chocolate Factory to create these cool Valentine’s Day bundles, complete with a handwritten “Imhabba is all you need” postcard. 

They come with a “mela” T-shirt, a box of chocolate hearts, soap and candle set, and the hand-written post card. 

A cool collaboration between 3 local businesses encompassing everything that a loved one might want on Valentine’s day. 

Flower Bouquet

Price: €42.95

Valentine’s day is that time of the year where flowers are most in demand, possibly even more in demand than drinking water. It is for this reason that I couldn’t create a list of Valentine’s day gifts and not include some sort of flower arrangement. 

The one that tickled my fancy the most is from The Malta Florist and is aptly titled “Il-Poeta”. They also have a vast selection of different arrangements to suit anyone’s tastes so head on over and take a look. 

Chocolate Bouquet

Price: €13 – €40

If your special someone is more interested in chocolates then flowers, then Miss Ellen’s has the gift for you. They offer Bouquets of Ferrero Rochet or Baci in different sizes and can also have these delivered to your one true love on the day! 

Valentine’s Day Collage Wall Panel

Price: €34.95

Days like Valentine’s Day are all about the people that you love and remembering those amazing moments that you’ve spent together, so what better way to commemorate this love and those moments than by encapsulating them in this customised collage wall panel from Customize Nation. Simply upload the different photos you want to add and order from their website to be delivered to your partner. They can then hang this on the wall and remember the amazing times spent enjoying each other’s company whenever they look at it.

My First Valentine’s Shirt / Baby Grow

Price: €17

If like myself, you were lucky enough to welcome a new addition to the family in the last few months, instead of spoiling your partner, you may want to spoil your new bundle of joy with a “My First Valentines Day” baby grow or t-shirt. It will make your Valentine’s day photo opportunities all the more memorable. 

The great thing about all this was that I was able to find all these gifts by simply typing “Valentines Day” into our search box and hitting Enter! Easy peasy! 

Although these were my top picks, there are thousands more items that may be of interest for Valentine’s Day. Also, if you’re looking for something else, our search function can help you with that too. 

So go ahead, give it a try, and get in touch if you want to know more, want your shop listed or even if you have any suggestions for improvement.

We always love hearing from you!