Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 4 – ECCO

Categories: Footwear, Bags

Walking into ECCO SHOE SHOP or browsing their awesome online shop with a plan of what you want to buy and for whom is probably a good idea. Otherwise, you’re bound to leave with half the shop, at least I would. It’s easy to get carried away shopping for all occasions and personality types with their current autumn-winter collection.  

What I’ve done is listed the top 3 items for men and for women, ideal for any shoe lover based on character type, because we all have these kind of people in our lives.   

The Conservative Type

For Him: ECCO SOFT 7

XMAS Advent - Ecco 1M

Price: €129.90

For Her: ECCO SOFT 7

XMAS Advent - Ecco 1F

Price: €119.90

The ECCO SOFT7 is a style that’s easy to wear, easy to style and is basically your wardrobe staple. They’re designed to optimise comfort and will be your every-day shoes. They come in a wide range of colours, making it easy for you to stick to the same style but spice up your wardrobe with a new colour pop. This range is an affordable staple shoe, designed with comfort and style in mind.  

The Trend Setter


XMAS Advent - Ecco 2M

Price: €189.90


XMAS Advent - Ecco 2F

Price: €164.90

Although these shoes follow the general mantra of ECCO and are jam packed with technology and comfort, they’re also extremely fashionable. They’re inspired by current runway trends and are sure to put a smile on any fashionista’s face.  

Both the ECCO ASTIR and the ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION are particular in their own right, they add spice and flare to any outfit and are sure to be showstoppers.   

The Functional Type


XMAS Advent - Ecco 3M

Price: €179.90


XMAS Advent - Ecco 3F

Price: €189.90

The ECCO TREDTRAY is designed to allow the wearer to shift from city streets to light trails effortlessly. It is a style that is present in the ECCO collection in a variety of colour options and leather types, making it an easy shoe to style according to who you are buying them for.  

Its construction is designed to offer stability on rough terrain, while also being suitable for day-to-day use. They’re not the cheapest shoes in the shop, but they’re also designed to kill two birds with one stone, so you’re essentially buying one pair for multiple uses.