Christmas 2022 Gift Guide Day 19 – Sue’s Jewels


Day 19 of the MVM Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Sue's Jewels Malta

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Finding just the right gift for someone you care for is never easy, especially when it involves jewellery, That’s why when Christmas rolls around, you may find yourself stumped when thinking of what to buy.  

Fear not! If it’s unique pieces you’re looking for then Sue from Sue’s Jewels is sure to have the item you’re looking for. Her assortment of beautifully crafted jewellery ensure that you are able to find something to tickle the fancy of any gift recipient. 

Sue is inspired by nature and this shows up in her creations and the names of her collections – Ocean Bliss, Fantasy Garden, Cosmic Love, Divine Simplicity, and Free Spirit. 

For those looking for a more bespoke take to jewellery, Sue also creates customised pieces to suit any clients wishes and desires. So, if it’s ultra-unique you want then Sue’s Jewels is the place for you. Take a look at some of her work to get a better of idea of what she can do for you.

Secret Santa Collection

Sue's Jewels - Bee Happy Bracelet - Christmas 2022

Price: €15 – €35

The Secret Santa collection from Sue’s Jewels is the ideal place to find beautiful items handmade with love that won’t break the budget. This is why they would make the ideal Secret Santa gifts (hence the collection name 😉). 

From earrings, to bracelets, necklaces and rings, this collection has a large variety of items to suit a number of different tastes. I’ve chosen the Bee Happy – Crystal – Bracelet as my top pick, since bees are hard-working yet beautiful and essential creatures, meaning that the recipient will get a positive symbolic message from this particular gift, apart from a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

Starlight – Hug Hoops

Sue's Jewels - Starlight Hug Hoops - Christmas 2022

Price: €35

Apart from being stunning, these earrings have a real Christmas feel to them. Reminiscent of the Christmas star that guided the three wise men to the stable and baby Jesus, these gold-plated earrings are adorned with crystal making them shine bright just like a couple of stars. 

These are sure to look beautiful on anyone, and although they do remind me of Christmas, they’ll look amazing on any day of the year.

Hoops Collection

Sue's Jewels - Cutting Edge Hoops- Christmas 2022

Price: €29 – €59

If you’re shopping for a gift for someone who loves hooped earrings then this collection is the place to look. With a large variety of hoops to choose from, with or without gemstones, you’re spoilt for choice here. 

My personal favourites are the Cutting Edge – Gold – Hoops (pictured). They’ve got a rugged, yet beautifully natural and organic look and feel to them.

Dazzling – Ivory Crystal – Earrings

Sue's Jewels - Dazzling Ivory Crystal Earrings - Christmas 2022

Price: €55

Looking for something a touch more on the elegant side? These earrings are perfect for dressing up any outfit this Christmas or next or the one after that, or even Easter. If you’ve got a place to be that requires you or someone you know to look their absolute best, then pair these earrings with a beautiful dress and you’ll be sorted. 

Also, apparently pearls are the good luck gem of the sea, so maybe you’ll win the grand prize at that ball you’re attending with these beauties hanging from your ears. Anything is possible 😊

Moon Phase – Layered Necklace

Sue's Jewels - Moon Phase Necklace - Christmas 2022

Price: €49

Anybody who knows me knows that I love space and anything to do with it. I’ve always been enchanted by the planets, the sun and the moon, and I’m sure that I’m not alone. This necklace embodies the beauty of a crescent moon in a clear night’s sky, further accentuating the beauty of the woman wearing it. 

The mix of the gold and the pearl complement each other perfectly and will surely complement the outfit of anyone who puts this necklace on. A beautiful gift for that special someone this Christmas.