Christmas 2021 Gift Guide Day 14 – Bureau Vallee


Day 14 of the MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

Bureau Vallee Malta

Categories: Stationery, Office Supplies, Electronics

We live in a new era of technology and working from home, and everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest. Although Bureau Vallee is well renowned for their amazing value on office supplies and stationery, they also have a fantastic selection of top tech items. 

These electronics make fantastic gifts for anyone these days so matching a gift to an individual couldn’t be easier.  

I’ve taken a look through the selection of cool products that Bureau Vallee have on offer, so you don’t have to. The following are my top gift picks from their online product catalogue.

Office Chair Liberty Black / Grey

Bureau Vallee Office Chair MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €69.90

Most of us have been working from home for almost 2 years now and some of us might continue to do so. Companies have had to revise their policies after finding increased employee satisfaction and productivity during the pandemic.  

This means that you might know someone who is going to be working from home for the foreseeable future. They also probably don’t have suitable seating for an 8-hour work day. If that’s the case, then this chair is the right item for them this Christmas. 

It’s multi-adjustable and designed for long sitting hours, so it was designed for comfort and is perfect for those long days in front of the computer.

Thomson Neo Laptop 15″

Bureau Vallee Laptop MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €299.90

If you’re looking for a powerful entry-level laptop for school or work, then this Thomson Neo will more than do the trick. With a 15-inch screen and all the standard bells and whistles, this Windows 10 laptop can help with all of your assignments, work reports or even winding down with some web browsing after a long day. 

At an extremely reasonable price, this laptop is a great gift to anyone who needs some computing power to help with their studies, or maybe someone starting a business of their own without any computer to work with. 

Whoever you get this laptop for, it will most definitely be appreciated in this age of tech that we live in, where connectivity is key.

Eco External Hard Drive 320GB 3.0

Bureau Vallee External HDD MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €31.40

I know that cloud storage is all the rage these days, but there is a rule in the IT community about backing up your data. Called the 3-2-1 backup rule, it essentially states that you should have 3 copies of your data (1 live and 2 backups) stored on 2 different types of storage with 1 of these stored off-site. 

I stand by this rule in both my personal and professional life as both types of data are important. So an external hard disk drive (HDD) can help you do the same. 

That’s why I think this refurbished external HDD is an ideal gift for anyone. We all have data we want to keep safe, like those holiday snaps or video recordings of your kid’s first birthday.

Refurbished Apple iMac 21 Inch 2013 i5 8GB 1TB Grade A

Bureau Vallee Apple iMac MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €699

Do you know someone who has always wanted a Mac but never had the cash to meet their high price tag? 

If so, this refurbished all-in-one iMac is something they will surely love and cherish. With 8GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive built-in, this computer is able to handle most tasks with relative ease. 

Also, in this day and age of environmental responsibility, refurbished products are the smart and eco-friendly alternative to “buy new, trash tomorrow”. They’re also much easier on the wallet.


Advent Calendar

Bureau Vallee Advent Calendar MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €69.90

Do you know someone who is bored of the traditional advent calendars?  

With Advent just around the corner and many people in the habit of using advent calendars to mark the occasion, this gift might be the one for those fans of the advent calendar, but are looking for a change from chocolate. 

This advent calendar boasts 24 boxes containing 39 different gifts, including pens, aquarelle, pencil case, ink, brush, and so much more. The total value of the gifts inside is €130, making this advent calendar a bargain for what you end up getting in the end. 

So, don’t waste any more time, because advent is almost here!