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Day 11 of the MVM Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

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It’s well known that toys and collectibles make great gifts for kids as well as adults. When you truly love a brand, book, film or story, you want to own items that make you remember the way you felt when you were watching, reading or experiencing it. Plush World Malta is one local online shop that offers a wide range of these emotion inducing items. 

Whether you or someone you know is a Disney or Harry Potter fan, you’re sure to find something fitting as a gift for them, or even as a cheeky Christmas to yourself. Hey, why not right? 

I’ve picked my top 5 gift ideas from Plush World Malta for you and listed them below.

Green Mickey Set – 2 Stackable Mugs + 2 Placemats

Plush World Green Mickey Set MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €32.80

Mickey Mouse has been around for over 90 years and he is still just as loved as he ever was. His place in people’s lives has spanned generations, and been relatable to mother and son or even grandfather and granddaughter. It therefore, will be of no surprise that he is considered to be one of the most recognisable figures in the entire world. 

It is this popularity that makes this one a great gift. I’m sure you know someone who loves Mickey and would be super happy to have this mug and placemat set in their house.

Disney 1000pc Beauty & the Beast Thomas Kinkade Puzzle

Plush World Disney Puzzle MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €18

There are countless stories and fairy tales in our modern world, but I think most would agree that few are capable of telling these stories like Disney. There is a magical quality to the way Disney presents stories.

Beauty & the Beast is one of these enchanting stories that Disney has brought to life. 

This premium quality 1000pc puzzle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Disney and enjoys cosy nights in with the family doing something as a group. The wine is optional. 

Gryffindor Pen and Pen Holder – Harry Potter

Plush World HP Pen MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €31.95

When J.K. Rowling wrote her series of Harry Potter books, I doubt she thought it would be such a success. I think it’s safe to say that success is probably an understatement when it comes to Harry Potter. This global phenomenon has a massive fan base, and my wife is one of them! 

For obvious reasons, Gryffindor is probably the most popular house in the Harry Potter series, making this officially licensed Harry Potter pen and pen holder a superb gift for any fan who wishes they could be part of house Gryffindor. 

Friends Gift Set – Mug and Apron Set

Plush World Friends Set MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €20

“I’ll be there for you, cos you’re there for me toooooooo” 

Every kid of the 90s knows that tune and spent years laughing with the characters from one of the most popular television shows of the last few decades – Friends. So much so, that most of them even watch it with their kids these days. 

I’m sure that everyone knows someone who loves Friends and would be over the moon to receive this branded mug and apron set.

Fin the Lamb – Portable Reading Light and Night Light

Plush World Fin the Lamb MVM Christmas 2021 Malta

Price: €32

Night lights are a great thing to have for babies and kids. Cute night lights like Fin the Lamb are essential. 

He comes with 2 brightness settings to allow for reading or sleeping, has a rechargeable battery that charges via USB, and also has an automatic shut off feature once the little one has dosed off. 

We have a night light at home and I would recommend it to anyone with young kids. So, if you know someone who is expecting, just had kids or has young kids but no night light, this is the gift for them.