Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 22 – Eurosport

Categories: Fashion, Sport, Footwear

2020 has been the year of a lot of firsts. One key takeaway is that a lot of us have embraced a more active life style, be it if we are going walking, a quick jog or alternatively taking up some personal training. 

With Eurosport having a good selection of items and delivery options available, here are some gift ideas which you can consider getting (we’ve also included some Secret Santa options too)

Performance SOLAR DRIVE 19 M

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 1

Price: €119.95

This is a comfortable running shoe which is great for going on every day runs. It’s comfortable, the cushioning feels good and is great even if you are just starting out and are not an avid runner.

Anti-Burst Core-Fit Exer Ball

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 2

Price: €15.10

These core fit exercise balls are great whether you are rehabilitating from an injury or simply want to work on strengthening your core. Whether it’s a quick set of exercises or a full work out the options are various and there a number of different workouts available online.

Joluvi Hydro Pro 15 Bag

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 3

Price: €26.99

Always wondering where to keep your keys, phone, some cash? What about a small bottle of water? Possibly an extra top for after your run and a book in case you want to enjoy a read post run? This bag is one of my favourite buys as it small enough to be comfortable to run with while being big enough to keep your essentials with you.

Liveup Neoprene Dumbell Set

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 4

Price: €29

This set is perfect for adding that little bit of extra weight when doing your home work out exercises. You can use them for a number of different exercises and would also make an ideal gift for someone who is starting their fitness journey.

A Swimmer’s Starter Pack

Cressi Flash Goggles

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 5_1

Price: €24

Core Adilette Shower

XMAS Advent - Eurosport 5_2

Price: €24.95

Know somebody who enjoys swimming? Then why not get them a set of goggles for their swim and sliders to slip into afterwards. These two gifts are great for someone who enjoys a swim and has been looking to take it to the next step.

Don’t forget to remind them to pick up 3 pieces of plastic on their swim 😉