Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Day 11 – Ultimate

Categories: Electronics, Appliances, Gaming, Computers, Smartphones

As a self-confessed nerd who loves everything remotely technological, shops like Ultimate are the kind of places that I love but need to control my urge to buy everything they have on offer. In general, I find their offerings to be top quality and extremely well-priced so it is a joy to go through what they have on offer right now and present you with my top picks for this special gift giving season. 

JBL Charge 4

XMAS Advent - Ultimate #1

Price: €169

I can’t start a gift guide without mentioning this amazing portable Bluetooth speaker / power bank from JBL. As a hard-core music fan, I like to have music playing wherever I am and this speaker makes that possible for hours and hours. The battery life on these things is amazing, with up to 20 hours of playtime on full-charge.

What’s more, this device can also be used as a power bank where you can charge your mobile phone while listening to your favourite tunes. At the price being offered here, I feel this speaker is a no-brainer as a gift for anyone who’s a fan of music.

Did I mention it comes in different colours too? 

DeLonghi Caffe’ Corso

XMAS Advent - Ultimate #2

Price: €299

We all know someone who absolutely adores coffee. The taste, the smell, the caffeine kick! This gift is ideal for them, or anyone who only just likes coffee for that matter. It is one of the most affordable bean to cup coffee machines on the local and international markets (trust me, I checked), and it works like a charm. With very little effort and in a small amount of time, you can have a fresh cup of coffee tweaked to your exact specifications for strength and volume. I recently bought one of these for myself and I could not be happier.  

Tried, tested and recommended!

Thomson 50UE6430W

XMAS Advent - Ultimate #3

Price: €379

This may be a bit on the pricey end for a gift, but in all truthfulness for what you’re getting, this price is unbelievable. 50 inches, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Android TV and Chromecast built-in, Wi-Fi, voice control…. need I go on?  

This TV from Thomson is true value for money and I can vouch for their quality as I have 2 TVs from Thomson and they are both fantastic!  

The fact that this one comes with a white frame is just an added design bonus.

Crock Pot CSC066 Slow Cooker

XMAS Advent - Ultimate #4

Price: €99

If you’ve never owned or used a slow cooker before, you’re missing out!  

These machines are amazing at creating great food with little effort required from the chef. Crock Pot is one of the top brands for a slow cooker so it should not disappoint. This particular model has a high 5.6 litre capacity and is programmed to be adaptable in its cooking pattern, so much so that you can dictate when you want your food to be ready and it will do the rest.  

A great gift for any foodie!

Delonghi Ariadry DEX210

XMAS Advent - Ultimate #5

Price: €169

I know, I know, dehumidifiers are boring. They may be, but they’re also necessary in our climate, especially in winter.  

With an average humidity of approximately 76% in the Maltese Islands, dehumidifiers can do a world of good in a Maltese or Gozitan household, and this model from Delonghi is small but mighty, and very well-priced too. It also has a special function for helping to dry clothes in the wet winter months.  

I’ve actually got the slightly larger 12 litre model and it works a charm in my washroom and bedroom.