Information for Listed Website Owners

Malta Virtual Mall

The website can be accessed using the URL  

The website is essentially a directory of all the local eCommerce shops we could find in Malta. It features 2 main ways in which users can interact with it. 

Browsing Categories

All the shops are sorted neatly into categories which reflect what that shop mainly sells. Once someone selects a category, they will see all shops within that category in alphabetical order. 

Custom-Made Search

When people use the custom-made search, and type in a keyword they would like to look for they are presented with the following results:

  • An internal listing of all Categories that may contain online shops selling the item that they ran a search for, enabling them to then move on to that category and browse through the listings.  Eg. If someone searches for “Dress”, the search result will be ‘Fashion’ which is the category where they will find dresses.
  • Output of all external links, in the form of a web search where the results shown are limited to products and listings on the sites listed on MVM only. This ensures that the results are ad-free and only relevant to what the user requires and the shops listed on our site are providing.

More information on the above can be found at How Does MVM Work?


We’re currently using Facebook and Instagram to promote our website and, in the future, we plan to expand our exposure to other socials such as Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok or any relevant social platform if and as needed. 

We have created the accounts and have been posting daily for three weeks now. The accounts have gained some traction but we expect our following to multiply over the coming weeks once we kick off our marketing campaign. 



We have used these platforms in the following ways till now:

  • To introduce ourselves
  • To show users how to use the website
  • To engage followers with interesting posts
  • To re-post YOUR content
  • To let users get in touch easily

Website Listings

We’re happy to be listing your eCommerce website on our website! 

We have done our best to showcase your latest logo as well as the latest delivery information available on your website. 

If you choose to check your listing on our website and think that there is something which needs to be changed or updated, I urge you to please get in touch and we will be happy to update anything that is needed as soon as possible. 

While we have built this website with the very best intentions to promote your business; if you feel that you are not happy with your listing and would like it removed, please get in touch to let us know and we will comply immediately – even if we’ll be sad to see you go. 

We will try to keep all of your information updated, but if in the future you make changes to your logo, URL or Delivery Information, it would be helpful to us and more importantly our website users if you got in touch and asked us to update to the latest data.


If you’re interested in advertising with us, we do have some advertising space available on our website. The following obvious advertising options are available, however if there is some creative way in which we can help promote your eShop on our website, we are always open to suggestions.

Ad LocationDesktopMobile
Home PageBanner – rightN/A
Home PageBanner – horizontal (near search)Banner – horizontal (near search)
Home PageTop category listingTop category listing
Category PageBanner – rightBanner – beneath listings
Category PageFirst in list sponsorFirst in list sponsor
Category PageSecond in list sponsorSecond in list sponsor
Category PageThird in list sponsorThird in list sponsor
Home PagePop-up AlertPop-up Alert

The truth of the matter is that this project is very young and changing rapidly, so we have purposely decided to not define a price list for any of the above advertising options as our advertising power tomorrow or in a week’s time will certainly be greater than today. For this reason, I would encourage you to speak to us and negotiate a price and lock us in at an early bird price which I’m confident will turn out to be a bargain in the long run. 


They say that it’s always better to have someone else praise you than to praise yourself. 

Let us support you by finding mutually beneficial grounds for a collaboration! 

Again, the following are some obvious collaboration options which we can think of, however if there is some creative way in which we can collaborate, we are always open to suggestions.

  • FB/IG Competitions via boosted posts 
  • Reciprocal posts – sharing each other’s socials 
  • Product reviews / testing – original content